Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Slimmer Waist, Happier Me!

I love to eat.
My friends know that.
Someone once said: "Buffet? Bring Angeline along, she'll make every cent worth it!"

it comes with a price,
that weighs heavily on my waist, hip and thigh.

So heavy that I was forced to throw away some of my favourite jeans.
Heart Pain!
I should have kept all of them, if I knew this day would come.

If you are looking forward to see a GINORMOUS change in my waist, 
I'm sorry, 
you will be disappointed.
My change is NOT impressive, 
but its good enough for me.

Slimming down is not a destination, its a continuation.

Its a lifestyle
Its a mindset
Its a choice

I managed to get a few centimeters off my waist over 3 months because of 6 simple rules
  1. Detox the natural way for 1st 7 days (I believe 90% will give up here. So if this fails, the results will not be ideal)
  2. Eat More, But Eat Right (NEVER STARVE NOR BE HUNGRY! I eat almost every 2-3 hourly and that includes SUPPER!) I LOVE THIS! The more I eat, the slimmer I get! Thus, I do not need to give up my love for biting and chewing. So if there is buffet, I'll still be there! *huge laugh*
  3. Little Exercise, But with Variety (You wanna slim down, you've got to firm up. No running from it.)
  4. Journal (Keep track daily)
  5. Someone to WATCH over you (Give advise, suggestions and encouragement when you deviate from what needs to be done)
  6. 7-8 Hours of Sleep every day 

My results would have been better, if I had stick to 7-8 hours of sleep daily.
In the past 3 months, the days I had 7-8 hours of sleep, were less than 10.
I either sleep too little, like 3 hours or sleep too much, like 12 hours.
*palm face*

I am not a professional, so I did not know what was the right way to take a good photo of my before and after.
All that I know was to grab those NUMBERS on the measuring tape.

It all began with 52.2kg at the beginning of April 2014.
I had problem buckling one of my most comfortable jeans.
My most comfortable jeans became uncomfortable, especially after my dinner meeting with friends.

****ALL PHOTOS were taken 
in the morning 
before food 
and after poo-ed.

I had such encounters before and each time, I had to throw my jeans away.
I REALLY liked this pair of jeans very much and was not ready to let history repeat itself.

So I made up my mind to STOP this jeans-throwing ritual once and for all.
I decided to slim down my waistline and lower abdomen.

As I focused on those two areas, I noticed that my hip size shrunk too.
Then followed by my thighs.
Well, hip and thighs were not my issues to begin with, but it was definitely a bonus to have those two parts slimmed down too.

After a week of Detox plus a week of corrected lifestyle, my weight starts to show results.
However, my aim is on INCHES on the measuring tape and 
Not the KGs on the weighing scale.


NEVER did I once had to weigh any calories before I eat.
I eat almost anything that is NOT processed or canned or carbonated. (Sadly, I do not have a say in what I eat every Sunday when I go over to my in-law's place. *sigh*)
And I do not like to exercise much either.
I am just a really lazy person! *laugh*

So what I had been through fits my Always-Eat-Out and Don't-Cook-At-Home lifestyle.

Nonetheless, I kicked a bad habit of mine.
Which is to sit down or stay seated after meals.
Now, I will get my butt off the chair after each meal and walk/stand for at least 30mins.
This small action HELPED ALOT!!!!

Towards the end of the 2nd month, my slimmer waist challenge came to a plateau.
It stopped at this for a long time :-

This is very common.
Just reactivate that slimming machine again and you'll be fine.
Keep that positivity alive in you.

During this lower body slimming journey, 
I found that there are 4 types of people who will have a harder time.

People who :
Have Digestive Issues
Are Lack of Vitamins Bs
Are Highly Carbo sensitive 
Do Not Like to Drink Plain Water

So if you belong to these categories, you will need to settle these areas too during the 3 months, as well as have a STRONGER MINDSET than others who want to get rid of BODY FATS.

Losing weight does NOT equal to losing fats.
You might just be losing water!
And that is even more unhealthy!

Losing BODY FATS and Losing WEIGHT is totally different.
What you want to lose is BODY FATS.
And sadly, most regimes out there does not tackle that.
Thus people who had slimmed down put those weight back on or even more than before.

No crash dieting please.
We want to STAY slim and NOT be slim for a short while.

3 months passed.
And this is my results:

Nothing impressive.
But its enough for me.

Slimming down is not a destination, its a continuation.
Its about maintaining.

Well, I can't stop growing old, but at least I want to look slim and healthy even when I'm old.



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