Sunday, April 29, 2012

Song Sharing Sunday #170 and #171

A big thank you to my regular participant of my weekly meme "Song Sharing Sunday".
Though I had missed a week due to lack of internet connection after my big move, she did not.
Hence, I decided to catch up on the missing week and post two songs this round.

Song Sharing Sunday #170 and #171

Right after my hubby got well, I am down.
After taking care of a sick child for almost 3 weeks and now with my elder one sick too since Friday, I think I have survived long enough...
So Song Sharing Sunday #170, a simple funny song to remind me that I am still very blessed.
Just like what the song said, "It could be worse...."
But it didn't...


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Song Sharing Sunday #170: Get Well Soon/It Could Be Worse ~ Unknown


With all the above said, for Song Sharing Sunday #171, you probably would have expected me to post this song ~ "The Lazy Song"
Yes, really don't feel like doing anything at all...
But I cannot. *pout*
Well, that's what being a Mother is all about, isn't?

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Song Sharing Sunday #171: The Lazy Song ~ Bruno Mars

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Will I Still Use This Mover?

So did you guess YES or NO for the last question posted in my previous post "40 Plus Boxes!!!"?

After going up and down from my house for two rounds of loading and unloading, the truck looked like this:

And how many more things do I have left in the house, which are still waiting to be loaded up into the truck?

Ignore the Yellow Cabinet, its staying behind for good.

Ignore the Wardrobe, its not coming with us.

*JAWS DROPPED* There was no way all of those are going to fit into the rest of the space left in the truck.

So the answer to yesterday's question was "No. The truck could not hold All of my Goodies in one trip."

After loading up a few more things to fill up the last bit of space in the truck, we set off to our new temporary home, leaving behind these for the second trip:

 We reached the new place before the movers. It was almost 3pm! Unbelievable? Believe it!

In fact, my heart ached for the Two of them. You can tell that they were already half dead and their tummy were definitely growling. From 11.30am to 3pm and with so much energy used, whose tummy would not growl?!

My sick boy and I were left in the new house giving instructions to the movers, while hubby went to pick up my elder son from school before he goes off to meet the movers again in the old place for the second trip.

We had already decided what to put where, when we went to the new place the day before this big move, so on that day it was "Put Where?" "This, Put Here." NOT once did I say "Hhhmmm..., let me see ah...." Totally no hesitation or whatsoever. Making their job easier and faster.

After all was cleared from the first trip, I could tell that their 'batteries had went flat'! *laugh*
So I told them to go for their late lunch first before going back to the old house for the second trip.

When all was done, it was almost 6pm!!!!!

In total he charged us $450.

But for the effort made by the TWO of them because of my hubby's error, I think the price was definitely reasonable. In fact, after observing the way they work, I think I am more than willing to pay that amount. It was REALLY TOUGH!

It is not just muscles without brains.
You need to organise your thoughts before even starting to move anything.
You need to know what should be placed beside each other for a best fit and load them up in that sequence.

There are many things that the two of them did which I really appreciate:
  • Though shocked (see yesterday's post), when they first arrived, they did not complain nor give bad attitude or grouchy faces. They still smile when we smile at them.
  • They brought two extra Huge boxes to store those irregular-shaped items. *super thumbs up*

  • They are extremely strong! My glass dining table is so big and heavy, but the smaller size guy could carry it like as if it was nothing!
  • Though extremely strong, they are very gentle to my ALL my 'treasures'. The only 'flaw' they made was a dent in the fan's front grid, which hubby felt could have been caused when the vehicle made a sharp turn or something. So its an accident.

  • They are also considerate muscle men. When they were moving the items along the narrow corridors, they make extra effort to watch over the plants of my neighbour, avoiding them at all costs. 
  • They were so thoughtful that they bother to put down our things carefully and slowly.

  • When they were unloading at my new temporary place after the second trip, it was obvious that their minds were still very alert though they were exhausted. Instead of asking, "This, Put Where?", they asked, "This goes into the Kitchen right?" or "This put in the Bedroom?" 
  • They also make Special Effort (Without us saying anything at all) not to scratch the floor in our new temporary place, when putting the things down.
My younger boy gave them a packet of drink each when hubby was paying them and preempting them of our next move towards end of this year, after we had finalized our own nest.

"No problem, but next time I will bring more helpers." *laugh*

Monday, April 23, 2012

40 Plus Boxes!!!

You will never know how much junk you have until you decide to move your nesting ground!

Till the second last day before our big move, we were still picking new carton boxes and buying our third roll of plastic wraps.

I am very thankful for those 7 years of retail life, especially those bazaar days, we had learned to use plastic wraps to wrap things up really well.

In fact, I am proud to say that with our frequent trips to replenish our stocks overseas in the past, we know how to make use of carton boxes to the fullest and know how to wrap them up so well that no matter how heavy those things inside the boxes are, the boxes will not break nor tear, even with rough handling.
*thumbs up*

The day before our big move, my removal company called in the afternoon and said that they had made a mistake. They were not able to come at 11am on the 11th of April 2012. They said they could only come after 3pm. *faint*

No way am I going to change my plans because of someone's mistake. So I fired them and looked for another removal company. We chose 11am because of the special schooling time my elder son has on every Wednesday. So I am not going to change the timing for anything or anyone.

Since it was weekday, it was so easy to get a replacement mover.
However, the funny thing was there was a huge misunderstanding between hubby and the movers. Allan kept saying that there aren't many furniture because we have dissembled most of our furniture into small movable sizes and we had thrown away our queen size mattress and bed frame, plus there were merely 20 plus boxes.

The HUGE BIG FAT 'BUT' was we had NOT finished packing when Allan spoke to the movers!

The phone call was made when I collect the keys from my landlord of my temporary home at 12pm plus. We agreed to pack our daily-need-to-use stuff only the day before. Never did we expect that those things could DOUBLED the quantity of the number of cartons we told the movers!!!!

11th April 2012, at 11.30am the two of them came! 
ONLY two of them! 
*super faint*

When they stepped into the house, Allan told them, there were about 30 plus cartons and some Toyogo boxes plus some luggage. The boss's jaws dropped, "Huh?! So many?! I thought you said not many things?!"
"We were not done packing yesterday yet, didn't expect to end up with so much." hubby replied with a little awkwardness.

"I would have called for more helpers if I knew there were this much and I do not think my truck is big enough either for one trip." He warned.

"Its my mistake. Its ok, just name me the price." hubby confessed.

"Nevermind let's move them first and see how it goes." the boss suggested.

And so they did...

See how nicely hubby and I have wrapped all the furniture?!
Just the two of us!
So proud of ourselves.
*pat on shoulders*

Even the movers were impressed.
The 3 rolls of plastic wraps brought by them were not needed at all.

My Very Ill boy was still asleep when we were hard at work that morning.

In total, we have dissembled 2 single bed frames, one glass dining table, one wooden study table and one bookshelf. If we had not done that, there would not be any space available for the boxes!!! *eyes rolled*
Dissembling those things also made it easier for the movers to carry.


I forgot to take a photo of the completely FULL STOREROOM!!!!
What a waste!!!

So did the movers manage to fit all my 'Goodies' into their truck?

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Song Sharing Sunday #169 - Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye ~ Banarama

I was so caught up with the big move that I had even forgotten to do a scheduled-post for last Sunday. Hhhhmmm... me and my messy mind.

Yup! I missed a Sunday. My PC was still not up yet in my new temporary home last Sunday.
So this week, its still Song Sharing Sunday NUMBER 169.

I giggled aloud when I heard this song over the radio the moment I hopped back into the car after signing the final documents on the 2nd HDB appointment.
Instantly I felt, "Yes! It was meant to be done this way! And Yes! Na Na Na Na, Na Na Na Na, Hey Hey Hey, Goodbye!"

Goodbye Old Place!

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Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye ~ Banarama

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What it was like When We Bought The House in year 2000

Blog is like a diary to me.
The biggest difference from a physical book is my thoughts are read by more than one reader, myself.
However, to me, a diary is something that records significant moments and this move out IS something that holds a very important place in my heart.

There are so many things to record for this event, so I decided to spread it out into different posts for different aspects.

Here's the first part:

It looked like this before my hubby and I bought the house over from my Mother, just slightly more than a month after my wedding.

Living Room

Common Bedroom
Master Bedroom

For those of you who had been following my Parenting Blog, which I often post pictures of different parts of my house, you would have noticed the Huge Contrast in how the house looked like then and after we had moved in, right? *laugh*

Lots of Changes were made over the past 12+ years, as we created space for babies to crawl and children to run around.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Its Official! I NO Longer Own The House...

Its done!

So many years of waiting....
Finally, the wait is over.

Today, at 3pm, HDB 2nd Appointment.
Its stamped and signed.

A house that I grew up in.
Not one single bit of unwillingness nor sigh.
Neither am I missing it at all.
Rather, my heart is filled with JOY and Relief.

Let's be honest.
Its easy to say Forgive and Forget.
Yes, forgiven, but not forgotten.
Come On! If you continue to stay in a house where every corner, every wall, every door still reminds you of the punches, the kicks, the screams, the cries, the paint, the blood.......
Can one really forget, even though the people who created those awfulness are no longer here to see this day?

Can I really forget?
No, I can't.

Out of Sight IS Out of Mind!

Now that the house is sold, my name erased off from that housing document.
I can truly start afresh.
Get a new place, create a home full of love and blissfulness.
Filled with laughter and smiles for my children to remember for years to come and more.

Though staying in a temporary place now, a place I cannot call my own, I am still happy and at peace with myself.
Everything looks clearer, brighter...
even the cup of plain water tastes sweeter...
because my heart is calmer.

This big move is indeed a joyous episode in my life. (I cannot deny that I am physically exhausted to the MAX too.)
A start to a new chapter.

*Thumbs Up*

****Sorry readers, for not being able to blog sooner. My PC was set up only last night. *bleh*

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Song Sharing Sunday #168 - Movin' Out ~ Billy Joel

I almost forgot that I have yet to post this week's Song Sharing Sunday.
Busy packing, labeling, sealing, dissembling, wrapping...  
at the same time
Being a nurse to my sick son (what a 'perfect' time to be sick *sigh*)  
at the same time
Walking around like a mad woman with my pounding headache due to lack of rest...

All because I'm movin' out...

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Movin' Out ~ Billy Joel

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Ok, now that its done, 
I'm going back to where I've left off, 
no time to lose... 

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Walking Dead : Walk to Your Own Burial Ground

I hardly do blog posts in Chinese because my written Chinese sucks.
Yet, I speak in Chinese more often than English.
Alright, I'm weird. *laugh*

Summarized Translation: In Indonesia, black magic is used on corpse, so that the dead could walk himself/herself, or should I say itself, to his/her/its own burial ground. *Eyebrows Raised High High*

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Self-Playing Piano

Personally I find it quite eerie!

Every school day, my hubby and I have 45mins of couple time. Its the gap between dropping one at school and waiting for the next to be released from school.

Last week, we went to explore a new shopping mall, ARC, which stands for Alexandra Retail Centre.
It is so new, only 60% of the shops were taken. The other 40% were either under renovation or still waiting for takers.

It was at level two.
This piano from Christofori was playing by itself.

Pretty amazing, at the same time, quite eerie too!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Song Sharing Sunday #167 - Moves Like Jagger ~ Maroon 5

I wanted to post this song for a long time now.
But I could not because I didn't know the title of the song. *shucks*
Until I watched Glee and Artie performed it.
Then with a quick search, Ta-daa!
April Fool's day isn't fooling with me this year...
*clap clap clap*

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Moves Like Jagger ~ Maroon 5

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