Sunday, May 26, 2013

Song Sharing Sunday #224 - 陶喆 - 愛很簡單

Went to a lovely couple's wedding today.
What made everyone stopped what they were doing was when the bridegroom sang as the newly wed made their second entrance.
And this was the song he sang.....holding his pretty wife's hand.....looking into her eyes as he sang "I Love You...."......walking down the red carpet.....all the way to the stage.

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陶喆 - 愛很簡單

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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Happy 13th Anniversary, Dearie!

I loved the animation in the previous post : "Song Sharing Sunday #223"
The animation reminded me that no matter what, dearie and I had vowed to hold each other's hand even when our backs are hunched and hair all white.

This post also felt like a continuation of this other post I did a couple of weeks back "Goodbye......Gift of Love"
because hubby bought me a new piece!
 “天長地久” continues.......

My heart sank when I saw the price tag. 
 Its definitely the most expensive watch I had ever had! 
Thank you Dearie! 
 *Super Huge Bear Hugs*

We had been to Modesto's several times and the branch we frequent most was Vivo.
Been to Elizabeth Hotel branch once but was taken aback at the length of time we had to wait before we were given a seat. So we told ourselves that its either we make a reservation or we will not go there again.

This day, the beginning of another year into our marriage, we wanted to try another branch : Modesto's @ Orchard ~ Orchard Parade Hotel.

Once again, great service and wonderful food.


Linguine Vongole

Risotto Funghi

Crema Di Funghi and Bread with Olive oil

Looking at the last photo, its undeniably that we have aged....
Somehow that made me happy.
To know that we have stuck to each other through thick and thin all these years.
No matter how tough life was, we did not use our finger to put the blame but we used our hand to support.
Most importantly is....through it all, we remained IN LOVE with each other. (if you remembered what 'IN LOVE' meant to us, in my Anniversary post last year "Happy 12th Anniversary, Dearie! (and what Kept Us Going Strong)"

Many many more 13 years to come....
Happy 13th Anniversary Dearie!

Song Sharing Sunday #223 - 情歌 ~ 梁靜茹

Today marked the 13th time we say "Happy Anniversary, Dearie ." 

It started with a simple touch of my hand
Then you held it tight

The way you held mine in yours.... made you stand out from my previous ones...
Strong and Firm
Yet not hurting...

Security was what I felt
Security was YOU

15 years had passed since that very first hand-in-hand
That firmness has not lessen
It stood the test of time
It remained strong each time we held hands...... with our kids beside us

Married for 13 years
Seemed so long
Yet it still feels like it was yesterday when we said "I Do".....

May we continue to hold each other's hands
till our hair turn white 
wrinkles are everywhere in sight.

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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Viewing Videos stored in Samsung Phone ON TV

When it comes to IT stuff, I am still at my Kindergarten level.
Yet, just now I made a pleasant discovery about my phone.

I owned a Samsung Note II for almost 8 months.
I am aware that it has MANY functions, but the ones that I know are very basic; like making and receiving phone calls and messages, downloading apps and using them, writing with the S-Pen, last but not least, taking photos and videos with my phone.

While watching a video on my Samsung Note II just now, sitting next to my son, who was watching Cartoon Network programmes, I accidentally pressed onto an icon on my phone and OMG my video was showing on my 47 inch TV!!!!

I was in disbelief!
I tried again!
Its no bluff!!!

Hubby was alerted, came out of the room and was just as amazed as me.
He picked up his Samsung S3 and  tried.
It worked too!
But not as well as mine as his took a longer time to load and process.
Mine was PERFECTLY OK!!!

I have no idea what made it happen as there were no cables connected between the phones and my TV and I have NEVER linked my phone to my TV before.

We are so happy to see that the videos remained sharp even though it was enlarged to my TV size.
Now we can watch our Vietnam Trip videos and our boys' soccer tournament videos and WHATEVER videos that is stored in our phones on the BIG SCREEN!
 *clap clap clap*

Did You Know that you could view the videos in your Samsung Phone on your Smart TV?
I didn't until I pressed this icon accidentally :~

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Song Sharing Sunday #222 - Without You ~ Rachel Berry (GLEE)

Dedicating this song to all Mothers on this Mother's Day.
Every Mother was once a child
And just like how the lungs cannot do without the heart, the bond between a Mother and Child should be like so too......


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Without You ~ Rachel Berry (GLEE)

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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Song Sharing Sunday #221 - Read all about it ~ Emeli Sande

I love the sound that piano creates.
If I had the money when I was a kid, I would want to learn how to play the piano and have that grand musical instrument sitting in my living room.

I thought of sending my kids to learn to play the piano, so that I could learn along with them, when they come home from their piano class.
Yet, I will never force my boys to learn anything outside school syllabus, that they were not interested in.
Then again, it would make me feel very uneasy to be in a piano class with the oldest student only at 12 years old.
So there goes my childhood dream...

When I first heard this song in Britain's Got Talent, in the Shadow Act Performed by Attraction, watch video here , I fell in love with the song, especially the beginning....when the piano starts...

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Emeli Sande ~ Read All About It

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Friday, May 3, 2013

Candy Crush Saga - Game of Life

Candy Crush Saga, the game that got the young and old playing. 

The creator probably had that in mind before he decided on that name. Saga indeed! I see people playing when they are in the lift, biting their burgers at the fast food restaurant, waiting for bus, in the bus, even the staff who gave medication to my sick son was playing it. Somehow it feels like if one is not playing it, he or she is not "IN enough"! *laugh*

ADDICTION is the second name for this game.
Its funny how my hubby would relate my previous headache to my indulgence in the multi-coloured candy game. With full respect, I stopped for a LOoooong while but had myself digging into the bag of sweets once more right after my headache was gone. Yup! I was back in the game again.

I always remember an inspirational speaker once said:  
“How you play a game, is how you live your life.”

There are levels where it makes you feel like “No way is any other level going to be more difficult than this!” But the mastermind behind this addictive game knows no boundaries. He or they created another level much worse than this and there I was cracking my brain again.
Just like when I start off on the wrong foot for a particular day and I think, it can’t be worse than this and a sudden thunderstorm came when I do not have an umbrella or could not find shelter anywhere within 500m! *faint*
Life is so, catch you when you least expect it.

In life, experience counts. The more you expose yourself to different situations, the more you learn and the more you grow as a person. Its the same for Candy Crush Saga. 

There are times when storing those special candies till the end work brilliantly as you achieve the triple stars at the end of the stage. Then you came across levels which are similar to what you had encountered before and you used the same strategy and it worked too.

Yet, there are moments whereby using the same strategy only screams back “Don’t Be Greedy!” as you end up bursting the wrong candy and sent the bomb ticking away with your heart racing faster every second.

Life is just the same. Situations whereby a certain strategy, tactic, mannerism, attitude works wonderfully and helps you spring board to great heights. Yet, if you use the same style for EVERY setting, you are bound to face some unpleasantness. This is when one has to be flexible and versatile. Thinking out of the box is critical here when what you used to know, no longer works. 

When times are bad, three types of human emerges. The giver-up-er, the fighter and the calm-er.

The first taking the easiest route, the second taking the hardest path and the last taking the smartest way, in my opinion.

When emotions are high, intelligence is low.
Things work better when one pulls himself or herself out of the situation and look at the picture from outside.

So for me, it’s the last one who wins the trophy with the least amount of pain. 
Take whatever life throws at you with a peaceful heart. 
Face it and get over with it step by step. 
Time does not stop there. 
Time carries on and there will be THE TIME when all things will pass; the good and the bad.

Given the same situation, why some people can handle it better than others? 
Given the same pit, why some people can get themselves out of the shit earlier than others?
Its all up in your head. 
Its not WHAT’s the situation, but HOW YOU VIEW the situation. 
If you see it as part and parcel of life, you will sail through the storm. 
If you see it as the ‘End of The World’ warning sign, then this period will be a hard time for you.

Do not forget that there are the guardians, benefactors or what Chinese call it “Gui-Ren”; just like the fish in Candy Crush Saga. 
But first you will need to activate them to get them swimming to find their friends to come and assist you.

Yes, in life, you need to OPEN YOUR MOUTH to ask for help.
If you choose to keep quiet, no one will know that you needed assistance in the first place! 
There is no shame in seeking help but it would be a shame to allow pride gets in the way.

Trying to activate the fish in Candy Crush Saga can be tough at times, just like putting one’s ego down, not an easy task. 
Yet, when you finally do, that fish (that person) could just be the CRUCIAL ONE to get you over that level of difficulty.

Being optimistic in life has been the thing that kept me going for the past 3 decades. Everyone needs to be motivated every now and then. 

As for Candy Crush Saga, what made me reached where I am now (level  285) was to see that many have gone before me. Threaded the same path and had succeeded. “If they can, I can! C’mon just do it!” my small voice will start screaming again.

But life is not all that bad isn’t?

Yes, there are moments whereby a single move could cause many candies to burst like fireworks. There are some point, when your luck is on the high, special candies start falling from the sky!

That’s right, life is full of surprises. 
While some will make us frown, others will make us leap to our feet and shout “YEAH!!!!”
This is the time when Lady Luck is not only smiling at you, but tapping her magic wand right on your forehead! 
*Clap Clap Clap*
These are the good times.

A friend of mine was so near to the finishing line and he thought his misery was going to end triumphant soon! Then who knows, the maker of Candy Crush Saga just did an update and increased the number of levels! *huge laugh*

This reminded me of an old lady who once said to me, “I thought I was going to die when I reached age 103 because my mother did. But LIFE just wanted me to keep going!” *grin*

No one knows the exact date and time he or she will die or how everything will end eventually. Its predestined. One can get choked to death by eating a fishball, yet billions eat fishballs and continued to breathe. But for Candy Crush Saga, life goes on, so long as one does not stop, or rather I should say, till the creator stops adding new levels. *giggle*

Level 365 is the end point as of now and guess what?! I already have a friend who has reached there! Yes, riding above the clouds! Amazing!

Thank you Candy Crush Saga for showing me that there is no limit to the difficulties and obstacles one would face in life. So long as one does not give up, the game (your life) still continues…..

Before I forget, and for someone like me who eats CHOCOLATE like daily supplements, Candy Crush Saga had made me said a sentence, which NEVER IN MY LIFE WOULD I IMAGINE MYSELF SAYING............

*huge laugh*