Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Is My Name That Difficult to Pronounce?!!!

My name is Angeline.
Is it that difficult to pronounce?
Is it that difficult to remember?
Its pronounced as 'An-Jer-Lin'

A short phone call of less than 2 mins and you have called me AngeliNA 5 times!

J.D. from M.Cham. called.(I think its probably not right to say the full name out. Both the name of the staff and the company. However, I need to remember who I was talking about in my blog, afterall, my blog is like my diary..., so I put in the 'short form') He did Not call today but sometime ago.
Just that this was in my draft box. So today, I decide to complete where I left off....

Be it if you are a sales person or a telemarketer,
even if you are just a human being who is talking to another,
I think it is basic courtesy to try to remember the person's name whom you are talking to.

As for me, who is very bad with remembering names.
I will choose NOT to mention the name, lest I called out the wrong name and embarrass myself.
Most importantly, I think it will be disrespectful to the person whom I am talking to.

The most number of 'wrong name-calling' I can accept is 3.
Anything more than that, I'm sorry, I think its way too extreme.
It just shows me that you simply couldn't be bothered.
If that is your attitude, then I think its very sad.
Furthermore, in such a short call, you actually called my name wrongly 5 times!

"Hi, may I speak to AngeliNa?"
"This is Angeline."

"Yes, AngeliNA, I am J.D. from M.Cham. and I would like to invite you to come to M.Cham. on this Sunday, will you be free?"
"My name is Angeline. I will not be free this Sunday."

"so AngeliNA, which..." (I interrupted. I know its rude to interrupt when someone is talking, but this time, I just want to make sure that he is actually talking to the right person.)
"DEAR! My name is Angeline! NOT AngeliNA!"

"But its written here. It says AngeliNA Foong."
"Then you have probably called the wrong number."

"But AngeliNA, your surname is Foong right? And your number is 9#######, correct?"
"My name is ANGELINE! By the way, how did you get my number?"

"You came to one of our events and you left your details with us."
"No, I have never been to your events. I think you probably get the wrong person."

"But the Name and Number is correct and you have kids right?"
"Yes, I have kids."

"Nevermind, so AngeliNA are you able to come next Sunday?"
"My name is ANGELINE! Please get it right. No, I am not interested (even if I am, I'm sorry, I'm already pissed off by you!) and will not be free on ANY SUNDAYS. Anything else?"

"Ok, then, thank you."
Pressed 'End Call' button.

My name is ANGELINE!!!
Is it that difficult to pronounce?????!!!
*eyes rolled*

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

To Achieve Financial Freedom...

I think its been a long time since I last talked about this topic, as most of my readers do not believe in this term 'Financial Freedom'. How do I know? Well, they told me!

However, something struck me very hard recently and its so 'painful' I just had to voice it out to feel better. Yes, I am that sort of person who does not like to keep things, especially negative things in me. Releasing them out is my only way to get the tension off my chest.

Alright, here goes.

There are many ways to reach Financial Freedom.
The fast way, the short way, the easier way, the harder way, the riskier way and the less riskier way.

Regardless of what way one uses, others should NOT condemn it.

My hubby always say, "When you throw mud on someone, you are just as dirty, because you have mud on your hands too."

When you put others down and step on them to make yourself higher or appear more superior, you are showing what kind of person you are and the level of integrity you have.

This sentence is targeted at those who have not even TRIED THE METHOD THEMSELVES and condemn other methods based on hearsay and so-called paper research.

To me, hearsay is a very terrible poison.
Thousands have remarked that Stock Investing is very risky, it can even take a person's life when the stock price goes the wrong way.
But look at the famous Warren Buffet.
Did he survive the curse by so many?

WITHOUT KNOWLEDGE, Anything and Everything is risky.

Is fire dangerous?
If you have a 3 year old knowledge of what fire is, definitely it is dangerous.
But if you have enough experience and enough respect for fire,
then the benefits of having fire during winter season and during cooking; fire becomes a tool to keep you warm and full.
So then, is fire still dangerous?

Is there risk in handling fire?
Of 'cos!
But does that mean that fire is bad?
Of 'cos NOT!

The dangerous thing is the PERSON handling the fire.
The level of risk involved is determined by the level of knowledge and experience the PERSON have with fire.
Its the PERSON, Not the fire.

When you equipped yourself with knowledge, nothing is dangerous.
When you fill your mind with information, the level of risk involved becomes lower.

Even if you have tried the method and failed to succeed in it. Does that mean that that method is lousy?

Take myself for an example.
Being a retailer for 7 years.
A taste of what it is like being a boss.
Did I have an outstanding report book?

So do I condemn the retail industry?
Of cos NOT!

Look at Robinson, look at Cold Storage, look at Rolex, look at Tiffany & Co.....
Reputable companies who have been in the retail line for decades!
Did they succeed?

In EVERYTHING, there are people who fail and people who succeed.
Just because you fail, does that mean that the thing does not work?

When my friends come to me and tell me that they want to set up a stall to sell things and ask me for advise. I will share with them my experiences, but I will end my sharing with this sentence, "I may have failed, you may not. This is my story, my experience. It is not yours. Go and try. Only when you try, then you will know if this is really for you."

It is EXTREMELY SAD that over the years, I have joined a number of different courses and noticed that some coaches or teachers condemn other courses just to bring themselves up.

For example, if they teach how to create and earn from selling eBooks, they condemn people who do investing. When they teach stock trading, they condemn those who practise options trading.
Why do you need to do that?!

In my view, what these teachers or coaches are doing is CLOSING UP THE MIND OF THEIR STUDENTS.

You sell apple and you say that pear is sour, before even trying it.
Even if you tried it. Maybe because of your lack of experience, the pear you chose had actually turned bad, that's why it was sourish?
So, is it fair to say that apple is the only sweet fruit, just because you are selling apple?

Everyone CAN become rich, wealthy and Financially Free in many different ways.
Why does one need to condemn another?

What I have benefited over the past 5 years from having an open mind is tremendous.

With an open mind, you are far from being skeptical.
Skepticism is one huge stumbling block to achieving success in anything.

With an open mind, you are exposed to more opportunities.
Good opportunities make you rich and Bad opportunities make you RICHER, provided you learn from your mistakes.

My motto in life is "Every BAD THING happens for a GOOD REASON. You just need the wisdom to see the Good in it."

Are you keeping an open mind to other ways of earning money?
Or have you CHOSE to be blinded by what your teacher's or coach's one-sided belief?

Experience it yourself before you KNOW for sure, if it works for you.

To Achieve Financial Freedom, the most basic requirement is to have an OPEN MIND.

Do you have it?

Monday, February 27, 2012

Love From Paris

My eldest BIL went Paris for two weeks and came back only last Sunday.
Together with memories of Paris, he brought back gifts from the City of Love for everyone.

Paris being famous for their chocolates, these were the gifts of love from my BIL to my family: -

My Favourite of FAVOURITES! Liquored Dark Chocolate! Ohhh La La!

Thank you BIL! *smile*
Being a chocolate fanatic, these are heavenly gifts to me!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Song Sharing Sunday #162 - Tears In Heaven ~ Eric Clapton

A song that never fails to calm the stressful soul....

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Tears In Heaven ~ Eric Clapton

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I Found Lost Treasure!

That was exactly how I felt when I found THIS old passport when I continued my storeroom packing task today.

I was only 6 years old!
I think I look 'funny'!

Back in 1984, the cost of making a Passport was only $7.50! IT'S $70-$80 NOW!!!
Today during our 2.5hour children-less-time, my hubby and I progressed further, hoping to see the walls of our storeroom. *laugh*

And we did it! 
At least two walls....

This was where we left off last Friday, see blog post "Massive Packing has Begun"

Today, we threw some and packed the rest of the things that were on the two racks.
Then we took the two racks out and dissemble them.....

Wrapped them up nicely......

I saw my storeroom walls!
*clap clap clap*

Which also means that my living room was full of boxes of all shapes and sizes.
Definitely not going to live under such condition.
So we moved the two wrapped up racks and the boxes into the storeroom.

And I could STILL SEE my storeroom walls!
*clap clap clap*

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pizza Hut $10 Deals

PIZZA HUT LOVERS, you will Love This Offer!!!

Simply print this coupon out or flash the coupon on your mobile device (Smartphone, iPhone or Tablet), BEFORE 29 February 2012, to enjoy any of the following at only $10:
  1. Seafood Fiesta Baked Rice
  2. Basil Crayfish Pasta
  3. Hut's Chicken Steak, or
  4. Regular Extra Loaded Pan Pizza (Hawaiian, Curry Chicken or Veggie Lover's)
In case you are unable to read the fine prints below, this coupon is:
Valid for dine-in. Takeaway is applicable for pan pizza only. 
Limited to 2 redemptions per table/bill.
Not valid with other promotions & discount programmes.
Customers may print "of" (I believe its a typo error. Should be "or") flash coupon on mobile

Monday, February 20, 2012

A TRUE Test of Tolerance

Wanna know what it is like to stay in my house?
Let me give you a few minutes of what it is like with this video...

I have to put up with this for 6 days a week.
They were given the permission to make as much noise as they want from 7am to 7pm by the higher authorities.

There was once when they continued to make so much noise even when the clock showed 7.30pm and did not show signs of calling it a day.

My hubby picked up the phone and called the authorities.
1minute after he hung up, they stopped.
Good, it worked!

Few minutes later, the authorities called back and said they were going to give them a warning.
After that, no more loud noises after 7pm sharp!
*thumbs up*

Though my house is on a higher level, it is still a problem to hear each other when all doors and windows are shut.
That is how HORRIBLE it is!
TV volumes go way up high.
Everyone is shouting at each other, but we are actually talking to one another.

My house is ALWAYS dusty.
So cleaning can only be done after 7pm.
But my house can and will only stay clean for 12hours, before everything starts all over again at 7am!
*eyes rolled*

Its definitely A MAD HOUSE!

Need to take lots of deep breathes to keep ourselves cool...
Can you imagine the frustration?
Its indeed a TRUE Test of Tolerance.....

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Song Sharing Sunday #161 - 好的事情

For that special someone.......

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Friday, February 17, 2012

Massive Packing Has Begun

Friends have been asking me, why do my blog posts become shorter these days and why are photos more than words nowadays too.

Well, massive packing has begun!
*clap clap clap*

We love to do things earlier, does not like last minute rush.
Though its another 2 months away before we bid our final farewell to these walls, our packing has started since last week.
Bit by bit.
Little by little.

We try to pack whenever the kids are in school.
Less disturbance result in greater efficiency.

However, the chances of having both of them in school at the same time is little, so some late night packing, when they are snoring away, also helps to speed things up.

Still, I will try to blog as much as I can.

So many events have happened, yet they are pretty lengthy posts (knowing how lor-sor I can be sometimes), so I will have to wait for a 'better chance' before I can get my fingers busy for a longer time on the keyboard.

Though the top shelf in the storeroom plus a little here and there in different parts of the house have been kept in the boxes, we still have a long way to go. *pant*

No matter how tiring it can be, or how much dilemma we had to go through in deciding which items to keep or throw, our mood is definitely a joyous one.

The more we pack, the happier we are.


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

After being parents for so many years, this is the first time we could have a 'Proper' Valentine's Day meal.
I love the feeling of having our offsprings celebrating this day with us ...however, to have a decent heart-to-heart talk, its better to do away the 'loud speakers'. *laugh*

One was in school and the other was in zoo with teachers.
So my hubby and I could have a full 3 hours of lovy-dovy-time together this afternoon.

Which beautiful place did we go to?

TCC at Marina Keppel Bay

Caesar Salad

French Onion Soup

Seafood Aglio Olio

Beef Stew

Dark Devotion
See the 'Dark Lava' Oozing Out? Aaaww... Yum!

Passion Mango

Us, who else? *laugh*

Since we are already here, how can we not walk around to enjoy the wonderful scenery and sea breeze..... 

Yup! We were eating inside here. 2nd level. Isn't it romantic? Having meal at such a beautiful place....

The water was so clear! I could see the fishes and plants beneath.

Then we crossed the road and went to the other side of Keppel Bay

With this day, I am even more firm on my belief that when you become a parent, you should devote your time and energy on your children when they are young and not keep complaining thinking about not having enough couple-time.

Because before you realised it, time flew and they are all grown up.
Then the two of you can have all the couple-time you desire.

On top of that, you will TREASURE SUCH MOMENTS together with the one whom you took the marriage vow with even MORE......


Monday, February 13, 2012

MACS - Finally I Did It!

Finally its done!
Not only for myself, but for my whole family.

MACS for the 4 of us!

With our INCREASINGLY Frequent visits to Johor Bahru, Malaysia, it only makes sense to get MACS for us.

There was once we went there twice a week! *laugh*
We love going on weekdays.
Does not like to go on Saturdays and Sundays.

Now that school has started, we tried going there during weekdays afternoon, but it was so rush for us because we need to rush back to fetch my younger son from school.

Then we tried to go after school at 6pm.
For some reason, the lanes for Cars are half-ed!
Yes, they closed some lanes which were meant for Cars, to allow motorcycles to ride on.
We were stuck in the jam for almost 2 hours!
By the time we reached JB, its about time for us to LEAVE JB!

Till school holidays come again, for now, we will have to bear with the mini-jams during weekends.

We did it on Saturday, 11th February at Tuas Second Link because its less crowded.
The office was at the extreme end of the entire place and at level 2.

We filled up a simple form and gave them our passports.
Paid RM 30 for each of us
Wait for about 30mins and Ta-Daa its done!
*clap clap clap*

So from now on,

Gone with the White Cards
Gone with the stamp stamp stamp
Gone with the long wait infront of the booth

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Song Sharing Sunday #160 ~ Its A Small World

My elder son has been crazy over this song lately, keep asking me to sing it for him.
Yes, FOR him and not with him. *eyes rolled*
He prefers to be a listener than a singer....

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Its A Small World

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