Monday, February 20, 2012

A TRUE Test of Tolerance

Wanna know what it is like to stay in my house?
Let me give you a few minutes of what it is like with this video...

I have to put up with this for 6 days a week.
They were given the permission to make as much noise as they want from 7am to 7pm by the higher authorities.

There was once when they continued to make so much noise even when the clock showed 7.30pm and did not show signs of calling it a day.

My hubby picked up the phone and called the authorities.
1minute after he hung up, they stopped.
Good, it worked!

Few minutes later, the authorities called back and said they were going to give them a warning.
After that, no more loud noises after 7pm sharp!
*thumbs up*

Though my house is on a higher level, it is still a problem to hear each other when all doors and windows are shut.
That is how HORRIBLE it is!
TV volumes go way up high.
Everyone is shouting at each other, but we are actually talking to one another.

My house is ALWAYS dusty.
So cleaning can only be done after 7pm.
But my house can and will only stay clean for 12hours, before everything starts all over again at 7am!
*eyes rolled*

Its definitely A MAD HOUSE!

Need to take lots of deep breathes to keep ourselves cool...
Can you imagine the frustration?
Its indeed a TRUE Test of Tolerance.....


MommyAngel said...

how long will this construction going on? Oh dear ... I can feel your pain! It's miracles that you still don't get a headache due to that ... lets just hope that the construction process will be complete soon!!

Tina said...

That looks crazy mate! Hope they caan get everything finished soon!

Angeline said...

It will only be completed in 2014. Two years more! *faint* I do get headaches dear.... *sigh*