Wednesday, February 25, 2015

I Find Peace when I Say It's My Fault, EVEN WHEN ITS NOT

Yes. This may sound absurd to many.
I find peace when I say its my fault, even when its not.

After going through some of the Most ridiculous things that can happen to any human over the past 3 decades of my life, I have learned that finding peace is more important than proving I'm right.

I rather take the blame than to break any relationship.
Its not about trying to be 伟大.

Do I want the person to feel that I am right?
Or do I just want to prevent argument, so that I can move on, so that I can find peace?

I choose Peace over proving I'm right.

Its 2.41am, I should be asleep, shouldn't I?
But my mind is so full, I can't.
So full that it hurts.

I needed an avenue to rant.
And here I am, in my favourite place.
Allowing my fingers to dance on the keyboard once again, recording new thoughts, new feelings on my blog.

Sometimes, I prefer to be here than to talk to humans.
Because I won't see facial expressions that will make me hold back my words.
Because I won't hear replies that will make me feel I should have kept my mouth shut.

I get to speak my mind completely.
Blog, its been a long time, old friend.......but I'm back today......., thank you for giving me the freedom which I missed, once again.........

Fengshui Master said I am going to have a terrible year this year.
His only consolation to me was, stay low profile, don't try anything that is not the norm. Get pass this year quietly.

Never did I expect the impact would be THIS BIG, just few days after Chinese New Year!

I am being blamed for something that I don't even know how to defend myself.

There isn't any black and white to prove that that was the information I received.
There isn't any black and white to prove that I didn't twist the information I received.

Black and White is sooooooooo important my friends......

there is black and white to prove that the information which I passed on is wrong and fatal.

What can I say?
When there aren't any evidence to prove my innocence.....

Never mind.
I'll rather take the blame,  
 bear the cost, 
  than to lose friends.

To me, friends are very important.
Very few understand how important friends are to me.
To many, friends are friends.
To me, friends are family.

And for that reason.
I'm Sorry!
I'll bear the cost....

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