Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Happy 15th Anniversary Dearie!

Married for 15 years!
Its our Crystal Wedding Anniversary!

I would not consider 15 years a short time, neither would I say long.
Its not too short to know my man inside out, nor is it too long that I would get sick of him! *GINORMOUS LAUGH*

 For those who had been following our love story all these years, 1 thing probably stood out among all else.... the fact that he REALLY DOTES on me!
*super grin*

During our 9th Wedding Anniversary, I did a blog post about my thoughts on our marriage :
 "Happy 9th Anniversary!"
Years passed and I still feel the same.

Love was how we started.
Communication was our method.
Understanding was the key to our marriage.
But it was Gratefulness that made us a couple that's above average.

Becoming 1, 
is never by chance.
Staying as 1, 
is truly a choice.

Friends often ask, "Do you two ever quarrel?"
Of cos we did!
But I would rather call it disagreement, because we were NOT shouting at the top of our lungs.
And does it last long....... RARELY!

To stay married, just stay together.
To stay HAPPILY married, both should never be stingy with these words:
1) Thank you
2) I'm Sorry
3) I Love You

Someone once asked: "Would you rather be right, or would you rather stay in a relationship?"

I rather stay HAPPILY in a relationship.

This year's Anniversary has a deeper meaning for both of us.
A race to be completed together,
A goal to achieve at the end.
When a couple moves in the same direction, now that is what I call perfection!

Thank you Dearie for your love and care all these years.
Its such a blessing to be your wife.
I would still wanna have the same status, if ever there is such a thing call 2nd life.

15 Years, but it felt like 15 days to me......

The most romantic story is not Romeo and Juliet, 
but that you and I grow old together; and that's our pact!

Happy Anniversary Dearie!

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