Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Da Tong Mooncake - Tai Thong Cake Shop

Da Tong Mooncake! Finally! We found it! 大同饼家 Da Tong Bing Jia or Tai Thong Cake Shop, the specialist for Mooncake! Remember my post about how we got lost while finding this infamous Da Tong Mooncake? Read the post here: "Mid Autumn Festival"

Anyway, we found it! Allan needed to go to Chinatown to settle some issues, so ERP charges and distance were no longer a consideration anymore. Yippee! This trip down to Da Tong Mooncake at Mosque Street was really rewarding. Now I understand why did my MIL liked Da Tong Mooncake so much. Simply because it was founded by a Cantonese chief. My MIL is a very traditional person. There are many Cantonese traditions especially during wedding and child birth, she would insist of following.

Now I am suspecting if Da Tong Mooncake shop was the pastry shop that my MIL and my FIL bought their wedding cakes from. *giggle* Since Da Tong Mooncake was not only famous for their Da Tong Mooncake, Tai Thong Cake Shop is also famous for their wedding cakes too! Hhhmmm.... might go and ask her this coming Sunday when we meet. *wink*

Da Tong Mooncake shop was truly an experience of me because I love 'old' stuff. I was captured by the red calligraphic signboard and the smell of freshly baked pastry. You can see the pastry chiefs hard at work through a glass wall. The feeling of 'we have nothing to hide and everything to be proud of' was coming through as I stood there and look at the price list of the Da Tong Mooncake. Don't expect to see grand display stands or shelfs. Da Tong Mooncake shop's outlook to me is like as if they are saying: 'we don't need fancy stuff to attract your eyes, our Da Tong Moocake is good enough to capture your heart'

Another thumbs up for me would be the price! My favourite double yolk with lotus seed paste cost $36, a price that we are more than willing to pay during the Mid Autumn Festival. We feel totally reaped off by Other pastry shops or even hotels when we see a box of mooncake selling at $40+, $50+ or even $60+!

Da Tong Mooncake though traditional, but they also sells the new trend of snow skin mooncakes. We wanted to try their snow skin mooncakes too, but little did we know that it was so popular that you need to order by giving them a call first. Wow! So we gave it a miss this time.

I wonder if it was a practice or it was because my cutie Binbin was there, the lady boss threw in 2 'pig' pastries into the pastic carrier for free! Something that I remember was a 'must have' during Mid Autumn Festival when I was a little kid. But I prefer their traditional paper bag, so I asked permission to take one piece as a souvenir. *wink*

So what was my view on the taste? Well, I wonder if they used a different type of egg; 'cos the egg yolks were super huge! *laugh* I like to cut the mooncake into 8 pieces, a better bite size. For mooncakes which I have ate for the past 30 years, there are usually 3 cut-up pieces without the egg yolk even though it was a double yolk mooncake. But for Da Tong Mooncake, there is only 1 of the 8 cut-up pieces that did not get a share of the yolk. Wow!

Da Tong Mooncake leans slightly towards the sweeter side for my taste buds. So to say that it is perfect, hmmm... I would not say so. Then again, different people have different savoury preference. Just like the saying goes "one shoe does not fit all". *wink*

Unbelievable! I actually wrote so much about my first experience with Da Tong Mooncake! If Only it was a paid post, I'll probably ask for double the money. *laugh*

So have you tried Da Tong Mooncake?


J@n!ce said...

I havent got the mooncake this year. From your pic, the egg yolk is really huge. Will suggest to hub to try this. Thanks for the recommendation :)

Angela said...

Hi! Will Da Tong still be producing mooncakes now the Mid Autumn Festival is over?

Angeline said...

Hi Angela,

*super shrugged*
You've got to make a trip/call to find out man. *wink*