Thursday, September 22, 2011

What to Give to your Wedding Guests?

My sister's wedding is nearing and the excitement is definitely mounting. She is now at the preparation stage of printing the wedding invitations and this definitely reminded me of my wedding invitation card, which Allan and I really loved.

Though the amount we paid for our banquet dinner at the hotel has already included the cost of the wedding favors to our guest at the wedding dinner, we wished we had the budget back then to get our own customized wedding favors from those printing companies, which specialized in promotional products. In the end, a big surprise came when the company which I worked for back then sponsored our wedding favors. We gave our guests a pair of wooden chopsticks, with a wooden chopstick rest and a small tag saying ‘Thank You’.

After attending so many weddings and received so many different wedding favors, my favourite has to be the special gift received at my friend’s wedding many years ago. I remembered receiving premium chocolates beautifully wrapped in golden wrappings and they were placed in a red trishaw or more commonly known as rickshaws with a big double 喜 in front, which is an auspicious word for Chinese wedding. Then again, such beauty comes with a price and my friend said he ordered it from a Hong Kong supplier.

Did you customized your wedding favors too?

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