Monday, November 7, 2011

My Spot On Purchase ~ Nexcare Skin Care by 3M

This is not a paid post.
And I am not trying to encourage you to buy it.
But rather this is a post to exclaim how satisfied I am with this product: Nexcare Skin Care by 3M

Yes, you did not see wrongly and I did not purchase the wrong product.
Though it said 'Men', I prefer this packaging than the ones for 'Ladies'.
This packaging consists of 30pieces at S$8.00+.
The 'ladies' packaging consists of lesser than half the quantity and it comes in all shapes and sizes which I think is redundant at the price of S$5.00+ (if I didn't remember wrongly).

Its good for pimples of all sorts: can see 'heads and pus' types and those that cannot.

For me, it works best when the pimple is 'NEW', i.e. probably just came out after a night rest and it appeared the next morning.

From my experiences with it, the 'sticker' SUCKS OUT THE PUS really well when the pimple is 'NEW'.
On the average, its about 2 stickers to get rid of one pimple.

I would usually stick it after my last bath and sleep with it on my face and would remove it before I step out of the house the next day.

Because of this amazing product, teeny-weeny bit of squeezing or NO SQUEEZING was really needed.
The best part is no scars were left behind to add on to my already 'scar-ry' face.

Well, it works really well for me and I love it to the core, especially during those pre-menstruation outbreaks days every month.
*Thumb Ups*

***Price updated on 27th January: 1packet of Nexcare Skin Care Acne Patch for Men is S$8.00 MNageageagrery Spot On Purchase ~ Nexcare Skin Care by 3M

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