Thursday, August 2, 2012

I Did What I DON'T LIKE...but was Necessary...

Everyone of us will definitely experience such an awful feeling at least once in our life.
Well, some of us experience it 5 times a week : 'Don't feel like going to work, but it was Necessary.'

None of us like that feeling.
Yet, whatever that IS Necessary IS good for us.
Don't feel like working? But it brings in Money and Money keeps your family alive.

Alright, what am I trying to say today.
Even blogging about 'THIS' seemed so hard for me. (Something EXTREMELY rare! *laugh*)

Ok ok!
Here goes!


They become so unruly!
So messy!
Many times, it looks just like a dry, worn out broom made of hay!

Ever since I cut my hair REALLY SHORT after my Chinese Dance performance at SYF, some months before I sat for my 'O' levels, I told myself that I would not want to have a hair length anywhere near my shoulders anymore!
Well, it was a fun pact made between my Chinese Dance buddies and I.
We had kept our hair long (REALLY long) for the sake of Chinese Dance throughout our Secondary School life and we REALLY wanted a change.
So the four of us went to the same hair salon at the same time and snipped snipped snipped!

To me, it was UGLY! or rather Short Hair is still NOT NICE on this head of mine even till this day!
Ya, you get it.
I said till this day....
I cut my hair short again.

What was so drastic that made me do something that I REALLY Did not like to do?
My hair loss....

Its thinning at a very scary rate.
I do not like to describe further.
All I can say is I can SEE MY SCALP at certain parts of my head pretty well, especially after hair wash, without the need to comb my hair.
*heart sank*

In recent years, I came to know this lady, the wife of my hubby's friend, who once worked in a famous hair treatment salon. (I will not be revealing the salon's name lest I get her into trouble).
She looked at my hair and my scalp and said, "You should let your scalp heal on its own and that takes time. The fastest way to let your scalp heal well is to cut your hair short. Your scalp is already weak and with your long hair, its taking lots of weight, its too weak to carry that burden." 

With all the colouring and perming of my hair throughout the past year, I definitely have hurt my scalp in more ways than one.

To me, when I ask people for advise, I TAKE THE ADVISE.
If not, its like an insult to the person.

But when you give me an advise when I did Not ask for it....errr... then that's another issue altogether. *wink*

So, like an obedient patient, I took her advise of changing my shampoo, using tonic and CUTTING MY HAIR SHORT!

Its something that I do NOT like to do, but it was Necessary for the health of my scalp.
Better look ugly with short hair, than with no hair right?
If I continued to leave my hair length long, I believe the 'no hair scenario' will come sooner than expected.

So I did it.
But I still had to smile at the camera, 'cos hubby said must 'see teeth'.... *eyes rolled*

By the way, cutting short was not good enough, I had to LAYERED my hair too to LIGHTEN THE WEIGHT, so that my scalp will have less stress, thus can heal better.

On top of all the above advice, she kept reminding me to "SLEEP EARLY! RELAX! DON'T STRESS TOO MUCH!"

Yup, late nights and stress will affect hair loss too.
And I also found out recently on the internet that wrapping your hair up with the towel into a turban will also damage the hair and scalp. So I had stopped doing that altogether too.

*Deep Inhale*
*Deep Exhale*

Alright, here's how I look now with my LOTS OF LAYERING + SHORT + HAIR.....

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