Sunday, November 23, 2014

Song Sharing Sunday #301 - When Can I See You Again ~ Owl City

1 week with USA partners...
From eating to visiting tourist spots to training to partying to hugging to laughing and tearing, we did it all.
Every day spent with them was so precious. With as much unwillingness to see them go in my heart, I know they have to fly back eventually.
John and Yvonne, thank you for giving us so much knowledge, love and care.
We will miss you two......... *super hugs*
Have a safe trip tomorrow.........

So this week's Song Sharing Sunday is dedicated to the two of you....

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Every Song reminds me of a person, an event, a place, a smell, a taste....a secret, do you have a song to share today?

When Can I See You Again ~ Owl City

Join in the fun, leave a comment with your Song Sharing Sunday post's URL and I'll hop over for a music treat....

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