Monday, October 1, 2012

My Birthday 2012

1st of October marks the beginning of a SUPER EXCITING MONTH and at the same time it ends the birthday celebration month for me.

Here's a small recap of what I did for my birthday this year 2012.
Few words, more photos. because I am too busy this month for long posts.

Had Dinner with my Sis and BIL at Zafferano
 Check out my Zafferano blog post here "Zafferano - Restaurant at Level 43"

 Also had a dinner celebration on another day at The Soup Restaurant at Vivo City with J., XY., and P.L.
Their presents for me:

Yeah! Heard a lot about this product and had always wanted to try. But I think to pay 'that' amount for 'trying' purpose was way too much for me. So thank you girls (including B.L. who did not attend the dinner due to poor health) for making my wish come true.

A Surprise Gift from the girls too! Lovely bag for me to use during wedding dinners! Yeah! *clap clap clap*

My Birthday Cake!


A Birthday Card from my lovely insurance representative! What a surprise! I cannot even remember when was the last time I received a Birthday Card.... Thank you, thank you.....

On my birthday itself, the four of us went to KISEKI Japanese Buffet Restaurant for a truly sumptuous and enjoyable dinner!

Here's one without the 'Calefares'! *laugh*

That satisfied look! *laugh*

But the THING that made me leapt was THIS!!!!
Present from hubby!
Seen so much, read so much, finally can use so much!

With that, ends my birthday celebration for this year.

Thank you EVERYONE who put a smile on my face!

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