Monday, December 17, 2012

Officially a HappyCall Owner now!

Ohhhhhhhhh yes!
I am officially a HappyCall Owner now!
*clap clap clap*

All thanks to my 2nd BIL and SIL.
*Super Duper Hugs*

Last month, they asked me what would I like to have as a house warming gift. I struggled long and hard before I told them "HappyCall!"

I wanted the HappyCall Jumbo Grill double pan, the deep frying pan and the pots!
Yes, I wanted almost the entire range of HappyCall products!
My ex-neighbour highly recommended it before I moved out of my previous house.
Thus, ever since that day, I made a pact with myself that I want to be a proud HappyCall owner after I moved into my new house.

I know it would cost alot to get the full range and so we went to check out each individual item and their price to calculate the total cost.
After digging deeper, only did we realised that we did not need every item.

My 2nd BIL and SIL were going to Korea and thought it would be a great opportunity to buy HappyCall for me over there, knowing that its cheaper too.

I did not want my 2nd BIL and SIL to spend too much, so I told them to buy just ONE from MY  HappyCall product list as a house warming gift.

Instead, they bought every item listed by me!
Aaaaawwww...... so touched!!!!

When they were in Korea, they managed to find the HappyCall Jumbo Grill double pan only, so the deep frying pan and pots were bought in Singapore.




 I am soooooooooooo happy!!!
*jumping up and down and dancing all around*

My only concern now is the instruction booklet that comes along with the HappyCall Jumbo Grill double pan.
As its from Korea, the entire instruction booklet is in Korean!

Now I need to find someone who knows how to read Korean OR find someone who also bought the HappyCall Jumbo Grill Pan from Singapore, so that I can 'copy' the English version of the booklet.


Especially the following 3 pages:~

 Thank you 2nd BIL and SIL for such a BIG house warming gift!
Your gesture warms my heart so much!
*Super Bear Hugs*

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