Saturday, June 18, 2011

Saying Goodbye...and Thank You

Saying Goodbye to my 'friend' of more than 15 years is harder than I thought.

Although 'she' has let me down many times, 'she' did help me through my Polytechnic days when I was burning the midnight oil to complete my assignments.

Being admitted to the 'hospital' for more my ten fingers and ten toes can count, 'she' still performs when she should.
Then again, there are times when 'she' became so ill, 'she' gave it all....yes, including ALL that I have given to 'her'.

'She' was a present from a long time friend.
A very talented friend who is great with every bone and flesh of 'hers'.
A loyal friend who has now become a valuable adviser in my path to Financial Freedom.

Saying goodbye to his gift, reminded me of how generous he has been over our past 20years of friendship.
So though saying goodbye to 'her', I want to remember to say Thank You to him.

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