Sunday, June 26, 2011

Song Sharing Sunday - 127 [Fleetwood mac - Go your own way]

It has been two weeks since the 'disaster' happened in the family.
Forgive does not mean forget.
Forgiveness should NOT be taken for granted.
Receiving Forgiveness does NOT mean its a green light to repeat the 'NONSENSE'!
How many times must one be forgiven, to learn that its a chance to leave the 'nonsense' and start life afresh?

Has been traveling here and there, from morning till night, from law firm to police station, to help 'her' clear the mess and get things right.
And we are not quite there yet....

Today, I wish to dedicate this song to the ones who had hurt 'her' so badly...
Please, Go Your Own Way and leave her alone for good.... please.....

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Go Your Own Way - Fleetwood mac

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