Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ordering Turkey from Cold Storage

As said in this post "Christmas Dinner at Modesto's Restaurant" I had lots of 'first time' this Christmas 2011. Ordering Turkey from Cold Storage was one of them.
However, it would be the first and the last!

The experience was horrible!
My friend told me that Cold Storage sold the 'cooked and sizzling hot' Turkey.
So we were taking our own sweet time to collect our turkey, thinking that we would be able to eat the moment we come home with that big bird. So we waited till our tummy was feeling the emptiness first before we set off to Cold Storage at Jelita.

Dead Wrong!

Yes, it was cooked...BUT CHILLED!

So in this big Blue Cooler Bag, we had the cooked but chilled approximately 4kg Butterball Roast turkey, a separate bag of Chestnut Stuffing, a separate bag of turkey gravy, a 1 kg Honey Baked Ham and a lovely Tavernello Frizzante Bianco 75d!

As we were totally caught off-guard, we were frantically reading the instructions! By the way, we were no longer feeling the emptiness in the tummy, we were really feeling HUNGRY!!!

What made it worse?
The instructions said it needs to be oven-heated for about 1 hour or more!!!! And that's for the conventional big oven, whereby you put the whole bird in, which we do not have! The one that we have can only fit a spring chicken!
*Super Faint*

Seriously, I was thinking if we should just shelf that 'Cold Turkey' into the fridge and go to the coffeeshop nearby to settle our Christmas Dinner instead!

But the kids were all excited about it, I decided not to disappoint them; so I cut up the Honey Baked Ham first and we chomped down the ham while we waited for the turkey's temperature to take flight. *eyes rolled*

Though it was stated that using the microwave oven to reheat can shorten the waiting time, we were told to arrange the chopped up turkey parts in a special way. It was way too many instructions for the people with the growling stomachs to digest.

So we 'murdered' the turkey. It was so tough!
We had to hammer our chopper into the skin, then the flesh and the bone. We had to hammer many times before the steel hits the chopping board at the other end! Wow! *super eyes rolled*

In the end, we ignored the special arrangement of the different parts of the turkey, ignored the time that needed to be taken to cook it. We simply used our own guts and feel to set the temperature and the duration, while checking on it occasionally.
Some turkey parts went in to fill the small oven, other sections filled the microwave oven. Two ovens at work at the same time! We were really hungry alright! No time to lose.

Microwave oven warmed the turkey faster and while waiting for the other oven to do its job, we divided the pieces.Well, all parts were nice except the breast meat and the skin, too dry and too stretchy respectively.

Gravy and stuffing were not on the turkey. We put them on separate bowls and luckily we did that because only my elder son and I liked the stuffing, while my younger son liked the turkey as it is, without any gravy nor stuffing.
Yup! That was our Christmas Dinner.
Just Turkey and Ham, nothing else!

We could not finish all that was in the S$69.90 set. Half of the turkey was left. Two-third of the Ham was untouched. Oh! I forgot to talk about the wine!!!

After the kids went to bed, the adults I savoured the goodness of the white wine. It was really strong!!!

In fact, so strong that my not-a-fan-of-alcoholic-drinks-hubby turned 'lobster red' after a few sips!!!

My hubby merely drank 8% of the entire bottle, while I was left with 92% of the wine all to myself! *faint*

It was a big bottle and with the turkey not fully digested yet, I could not finish the bottle of lovely wine. *sad*
I do not like the taste of overnight unsealed wine, thus hanging on to my aching heart, I had to discard the remaining 40% of it.

I love to drink alcohol! Too bad, I do not have many friends who do and a husband that simply could not hold his liquor. So I hardly get a chance to let my love for wine flourish. Do not like beer though...

Ooops! Off topic already!

Back to the turkey please.

Yes, we had turkey again the next day and we were getting sick of it already. The meat seemed to have toughen up after one night. So difficult to chew!

Left with one-fourth and none of us were interested to eat turkey 3 days in a row, hence we sent the bird flying down the rubbish chute. Sorry.... *pout*

Our first and our last time ordering Turkey from Cold Storage. Too much work and too little satisfaction.
It was not the fault of Cold Storage and definitely not the Turkey's fault.... I believe its just us, who do not know how to handle the Big Bird.

So for those of you who had ordered Turkey from Cold Storage and enjoyed your feathered creature, Merry Christmas to you indeed! *smile*

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