Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Jumping Around under the Shower

When we first arrived at our new temporary house, we had a lot of getting-used-to on top of our unpacking list. One of the most troubling one was the shower heater.

We used electric heater in our own house but here, the owners use gas heater.

I would not think that it would be too much of a difference until we tried it.
It was extremely frustrating!
The temperature of the water does NOT stay!

Its too hot one moment and too cold in another second.
My boys, in fact adults as well, were jumping around under the shower head throughout the whole bathing session.

When the temperature is right, we had to jumped under the shower head quickly and chip-chip-chop-chop to clean ourselves as much as possible before the temperature changes again.
And in less than 5 seconds, we had to jumped away from the steaming hot 'waterfall'.
So my boys usual 5 mins of bathing time ended up being 10 or even 15 mins because they had to WAIT for the right temperature to jump in to wash themselves.

Yes, there was lots of turning of the tap from the right Red to the left Blue. We had also tried tuning the temperature on the heater itself, but it was no use. The best solution then was to let it stay in the center, between the Red and Blue and just let the shower head go ahead with its Hot and Cold attitude. Should I sing the Katy Perry song?! *eyes rolled*

First 5 days!
We thought enough is enough!
I talked to the owner and asked if we had done something wrong.
Obviously they would not have been jumping around under the shower head all these years, right?
So what was the trick, if there's any at all to get the shower to 'work properly'?!

She and her family said they had no problem at all with the heater, during the phone call.
They were puzzled too.
So she suggested that we should do the tub bathing style.

I had NOT bathed for my children ever since I trained them to bath on their own when they were 3 years old. But with this, we had no choice but to start using the tub bathing style. No, no, no, not sit in the baby tub, but that we filled the tub with water of the RIGHT temperature. Then we scooped up the water for them to bathe. We had to buy a scoop for this purpose as a result.

They were not trained to bathe that way, so after two, three tries, they ended up bathing in their own soapy water and we had to step in to bathe them all over again.

I had never been so busy for some good years already! Showering them?! Huh? What's that?! But I or hubby had to do it because if we don't, more water wastage will happen whenever they bathe.

This carried on for almost two weeks!
Yes! First 5 days of insane jumping around under the shower head like a frog and after that, it was scoop-to-bathe method. Well, at least no more jumping around like a frog. *phew* 

Showering should be a relaxing moment, yet it was a frustrating one for us.....


Hubby noticed this!

He suspected that the battery might be 'dying', even though the 'Battery Lamp' was NOT flashing or lit.

We went ahead to buy. We were 'dying' to have a proper shower, so we were all out to try whatever that just might make our wish come true.

Guess what?!

It worked!

Hooray! *clap clap clap*

So No More Jumping Around under the Shower Head anymore! Yeah!

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