Monday, May 7, 2012

My Last GoodBye

As planned, I dished out different aspects of my big move and this is the last, the dessert.

Our last cleanup on 14th April 2012 before handing over the house to our buyer, with my sick little one lying on our wedding mattress which we had decided to say Goodbye to.

Its funny how both boys love my wedding mattress so much. They sleep better on our bed than on their own mattresses.

Could it be the 'fragrance' from their parents' bodies?
or maybe
Simply because that mattress is full of their own 'smells' : urine smell, diarrhea smell, vomit smell, perspiration smell, etc.

Well, when they were really young, we co-slept, especially when they were sick; so having their different smells is nothing alarming at all.

Hubby and I endured the abused mattress for so many years, because we wanted to be Very Sure that there will not be another chance for those smells to sip into our new mattress. And the only way we could do that was to WAIT till our boys are much older, like now, one 7 and the other turning 9 in November.

The new mattress we bought was also a gift for ourselves as we celebrate our 12th Wedding Anniversary this May. *smile*

So what else did I say my last goodbye to?

The All Rusty TV socket. Its been there for 32 years! What do you expect? *flicked eyebrows*

The 'messy' floor tiles which ALWAYS give me a hard time when I drop something small, like a needle!!! *faint*

The UNEVEN walls which also challenges us whenever the walls need a new colour.

The OLD door knob that does not have any key to it when its locked from the inside.

The Kids' 'Target Shooting ScoreBoard' in the Kitchen

The Long Aluminum sink which sat on a place where the doors to hide the area were broken and gone long ago.

The FIRST GENERATION mosaic floor tiles in the kitchen, with missing pieces here and there and everywhere.

The mini wall tiles that divide the bedroom from the living room AND the living room from the kitchen

What used to be my Parents' room, then became our room after we bought over the house.

What used to be My Sister and My room, then became My Sister's room before she got married, then became my boys' room for a short 4+ months

The OVER-Utilised storeroom

The upgraded toilet. If the toilet was not upgraded in 2004, waahhhhh, then that OLD toilet would make such a memorable image in this post.

And when you piece all the above together, you get this....

That's it! Goodbye to all the above once and for all....
I want to take this opportunity, on this ending post to my big move out, to thank my hubby.

Without him, I have no idea, when can I ever move out of this place.
So thank you dearie! *super hugs*

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