Wednesday, January 11, 2012

2012 Chinese Zodiac Overall Luck ~ Rat, Ox, Tiger.

Its the time again to do the yearly Chinese Zodiac series of blog posts.
However, this year will be very different from past few years' Chinese Zodiac blog posts.
In the past, many readers have given feedback that they had to wait very long before they could read their Chinese Zodiac's luck for that year, as I had been posting one Chinese Zodiac on each post each day; so if the 'poor reader's' Chinese Zodiac sign happened to be my 12th post......Ooops! *laugh*

So this year, I will mixed it up a little. Here's what I had planned to do.

Each post will have 3 Chinese Zodiac Signs.
And each post will only talk about one aspect each time, either:-
  1. Overall Luck
  2. Wealth
  3. Romance
  4. Career
  5. Health
  6. Academic
  7. and things to look out for by month
All 2012 Chinese Zodiac posts will end when all aspects has been covered.

So to kick start the very first post for Luck in 2012 Chinese Zodiac series, I will be focusing on the Overall Luck of Rat, Ox and Tiger in Year 2012.

Born in 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996
Auspicious Direction(s) for 2012 : Northeast
Auspicious Number(s) for 2012 : 2
Auspicious Colour(s) for 2012 : Yellow and Grey
Compatible Chinese Zodiac Sign(s) : Ox

Overall Luck in 2012: Good 4 stars (maximum 5 stars)
This is a good year to get married, have babies and start a career. It is also the time to fulfill your dreams,. With the presence of Jin Kui Wealth Star, you may consider investing in property or large assets, especially with a partner. A partnership can reduce risks and magnify returns to create a win-win situation. On the other hand, the arrival of Bai Hu Harmful Star might cause you to be maligned or estranged by villains. To avert troubles, keep a low profile and avoid being arrogant. Be vigilant when driving or partaking in high-risk activities to avoid mishaps.


Born in 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997
Auspicious Direction(s) for 2012 : Southeast, West and North
Auspicious Number(s) for 2012 : 1, 6 and 10
Auspicious Colour(s) for 2012 : Red, Orange, White, Gold, Blue and Black
Compatible Chinese Zodiac Sign(s) : Rat, Snake and Rooster

Overall Luck in 2012: Excellent 5 stars (maximum 5 stars)
The radiance of three lucky stars diffuses your poor luck cycle of the previous year. Those who belong to the Ox Zodiac are diligent and easily contented. In good times, you tend to slow your pace to take a breather. However, this year's exceptionally good fortune is short-lived. Thus, you must strive for the best. The presence of numerous unlucky stars can be daunting. You should do more good deeds to enhance your luck for this year and the next. This year, you will be affected by stress and relationship issues.


Born in 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998
Auspicious Direction(s) for 2012 : Northwest
Auspicious Number(s) for 2012 : 12
Auspicious Colour(s) for 2012 : Blue and Black
Compatible Chinese Zodiac Sign(s) : Pig

Overall Luck in 2012: Poor 2 stars (maximum 5 stars)
Although the tiger embodies courage and is adept at combating challenges, constant bad luck will bring you despondence. The mere support of Yi Ma Voyager Star depicts another bleak year. An image makeover or an overseas trip can also improve your luck. This year, conserve your energy and gather your resources so as to sprint to success in the upcoming splendid year. Unlucky stars may cause you to lose your determination and give up easily. Thus, think twice before taking action. You must avoid getting caught in difficult situations that will cause you a lifetime of regrets.


*****My post for tomorrow would be on the Overall Luck of Rabbit, Dragon and Snake in Year 2012.

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