Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Gift From the Heart

Yesterday my usual girl gang celebrated Yan's birthday. Instead of receiving presents from us only, she gave me a gift. A gift from the heart.

I was extremely uneasy and totally uncomfortable during my sister's wedding banquet because of my new shoes. See pictures of the shoes in this post "Evening Gown For Wedding Dinner".

It was the first time I wore shoes with such design. My feet were lifted out of the shoe with every step I take and when I land, it 'crushed' the end-part of the shoes. In the end, I either had to keep adjusting the back of the shoe so that my heels could fit in, or I had to walk extremely slowly as I pushed my feet up-and-backwards, in order not to slip out of the shoe again.

It was a horrible feeling! I had to entertain the guests, walk around and yet I was hunching and walking like a tortise! Super Horrible!

Yan was there at my sister's wedding and I told her about my unhappiness. Immediately she suggested that I should buy a shoe-pad from Scholl. As I could not think of another occasion whereby I would wear that pair of shoes again, I did not purchase the shoe-pad.

Now that Chinese New Year is round the corner, I thought it might be a great chance to wear those heels again. So I asked Yan yesterday over the table of food, if she could 'bring' me to buy the shoe-pad, since we were already at the biggest shopping mall in Singapore.

"I bought it for you already." she said as she reached into her bag and took this out:

My heart melted that very instant! She listened, she remembered and she took the trouble to buy it for me and did not want me to pay her a single cent. *hugs*

I was really moved. I did not know what else to say but to say "Thank You" repeatedly.

When I reached home, I tried it on immediately and oh wow! It was so comfortable! First, it solved my slipping problem and it gave me great comfort! Satisfaction score ~ 100% !

Thank you Yan, you touched my heart.... *super hugs* Thank you......

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