Thursday, January 19, 2012

财好肉干 Chai Ho Bak Kwa at Clementi Central Hawker Centre

Ok, I am not a big fan of "join the queue" kind of culture.

However, once a year, I would go crazy and stand in the queue for many minutes, even for a few hours just to satisfy my family's craving for our favourite Bak Kwa in Singapore: 财好肉干Chai Ho Bak Kwa at Clementi Central Hawker Centre.

At 12:34pm, (what a nice number right? 1234! *laugh* I did not do it on purpose, that WAS the time recorded in my camera phone for this very first photo) I am still far away from 财好肉干 Chai Ho Bak Kwa stall, totally out of sight!

22 minutes later, at 12:56pm, finally I can see the several glittering Chinese New Year Decorations hung outside the 财好肉干 Chai Ho Bak Kwa stall.

Then, it felt like as if the queue has stopped moving totally for a long time! Soon after, I found my answer. There were two guys who bought so many packets, at one glance it looked like 20packets were hooked onto their fingers! Wow!

After being in the queue for 1 hour and 30 minutes, at 2:04pm, I can finally see the 财好肉干 Chai Ho Bak Kwa stall! Yippee!

In this crazy queue for 1hour and 47mins, at 2:21pm, yeah! I am getting nearer to the yummy barbequed pork!

Oh no!
At 2:26pm, the youngest guy in the 财好肉干 Chai Ho Bak Kwa stall came out and told everyone in the long queue, “肉干要买完了。每人只能买三公斤。我们明天十一点就开了如果要买多过公斤,明天再来吧。”(In English: "The barbequed pork is running low. Each person is limited to purchase 3kg of barbequed pork. We are opened at 11am. If you wish to purchase more than 3kg, please come back tomorrow.")

What a relief!
Luckily he did not come out and say that I have wasted my 2 hours queuing for the Bak Kwa. Oh well, I intended to buy only 1.5kg, to give some to my in-laws, so the limitation did not affect me at all. *smile*

After telling everyone in the still-super-long-queue, he went straight back to his seemingly endless taking-orders, packing and collecting money. Kaching! I think they can easily earn a five figure sum every Chinese New Year man! *Drooling* They merely started selling Bak Kwa about 2 weeks before the eve of Chinese New Year. 2 weeks for a 5 figure sum?! Definitely worth it!

Because it takes such a long time and pain (back pain, leg pain, shoulder pain, etc) just to get their Bak Kwa, many would purchase more than 2 packets each and it is a common sight to see a person with 5 to 8 packets, happily leaving the 财好肉干 Chai Ho Bak Kwa stall.

Their Bak Kwa price increases by $2 every day during the last few days before Chinese New Year eve. So if you want to get at a cheaper rate, you would need to buy during their first week, because during the second week, the prices rise faster than the stock market! *laugh*

After queuing for 2 hours and 43mins, at 3:17pm, I can finally see the Whole 财好肉干 Chai Ho Bak Kwa Stall, inside out and outside in! *clap clap clap*

The Fragrance!!!
Aaawww..... so nice!

Its funny how everyone simply 'collapsed' onto the chairs when they finally reached their destination! *laugh*

At 3:21pm, I am the 10th person in queue! Yippee!

All done at 3:50pm!
3 hours and 16mins for 1.5kg of Bak Kwa!
This had to be my record time for being in a queue man!
Was it worth it?

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