Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My MIL's Chinese New Year Prawn Rolls

My MIL is such a genius in the kitchen. Like I have said over at my parenting blog on several occasions, she cook with her 6 sense. She can taste a dish for the very first time and could replicate that dish after that, without any tips from the chef or recipe book. Pretty amazing eh?

When her mood is Excellent, she will make different types of Chinese New Year Goodies and when its not as perfect, she will still make her yummy Chinese New Year Prawn Rolls. Oh well, that is just a common name to that delicious snack.

She used to put belachan (spicy shrimp paste) in the past, when all her DILs were still not Mummys yet. Now that the number of children in the household is equivalent to the number of adults, she prefers to put pork floss instead, to please the pickier group.

All handmade.
From the 'wrap' to the fry, all by her creative hands.

I arrived at her house late last Sunday, so I missed the capturing the moments when she wrapped them into rolls and could only snap a few shots of those 'little ones' going into the hot oil:

And she gave me a portion of it to bring home! She calls it "Pao-Jiong-Zai" , literally means small fire-crackers in Cantonese.

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