Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sell On eBay - Earring Hooks

Another few pieces down.
Though this is taking way longer than I wanted, I am still happy with every single sale I made on eBay. Afterall, I am CLEARING my stocks, not really earning money from it.
In fact, most of my things are sold below market price on eBay, just like the followings which were purchased by a customer few days ago.

I had customers of all sorts, who bought these Earring Hooks. Some used them for their own purposes, others were like me in the past, used them to create varieties of earrings and sell them off.

Whichever category they might be in, these two items are my most sellable items in my eBay list, because they are way below market price. I have seen a shop selling the Rhodium Earring Hooks at 8pieces for $1.00, yet I am selling 72pieces for $1.00!!!

A few of my customers could not believe the bargain and had emailed me to double confirm that it was not a typo error made on my eBay listing. *giggle*

Well, I purchased these and many other jewellery making parts and pieces in Thousands and Thousands of quantity. If I do not sell them off in such large amount per pack, I would take even longer to clear.

So here's to more selling on eBay!

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