Saturday, July 21, 2012

FIRST time having a Passenger on my bicycle!

Continuation from this post at my Parenting Blog "Happy 8th Birthday M.Y.!"

I thought, it would be better for me to fall over two bikes than to make a Kindergarten 2 kid get bruises! And after learning how to ride a bicycle 20 plus years ago, I HAD NEVER HAD ANYONE SITTING BETWEEN ME AND MY HANDLES before!

The thought of it makes my legs turned jelly already! No way am I going to do it!

But..... on the other hand.....I had NEVER succeeded in pulling a bicycle along as I ride before either!!! *faint*

My mind zoomed right back to the day when my father taught me how to pull a bicycle and ride my own bicycle at the same time. His voice and All his tips were ringing so loudly in my head.

So I braved myself and tried doing the stunt! It was so much MORE difficult because the two bikes were of different heights!

My dad taught me the skill by using bikes of similar heights, and even so, I could not succeed in doing it! So this was WAY too DIFFICULT for me, as one side of my body kept leaning over towards the small four-wheeled bicycle. 

Oh man! *slap forehead*

Allan insisted that I give W.D. a ride instead. I kept saying "No!" But my skill proved that I could not complete the other task and it was still a very long way back to our tentage. I do not want to push two bikes all the way back either!


Then Allan gave me the "YOU CAN DO IT" look.
 "Try!" he encouraged.
But I was shivering! Literally!

The other three kids were getting impatient and I knew I just had to TRY!

And so I did with my heart racing at super speed, MUCH faster than my wheels could go, for sure! *heart went pound pound pound....*

Throughout the whole journey, I had to suppress my fear by constantly TALKING to my little 5 year old passenger.
"Are you holding tightly?"
"If you are uncomfortable and want me to stop, you MUST let me know, ok?"
"Am I hitting your feet?"
"Is your butt painful?" (he was sitting on hard steel alright)
"Are you scared?" (I SURE AM!!!!) but he was NOT! *phew*

On the journey back, I had to stop 3 to 4 times because of 'on-coming traffic'.
I did not want to maneuver my bike too much, lest he slip off the steel and fall. *Scream* I was sooooooooooooo afraid of that happening the whole time!
THANK GOODNESS it did not!

In fact, there was once my younger boy suddenly glided from right to left and did an emergency brake, right INFRONT of the birthday girl, which caused her to follow suit and I was right behind her!!!!
*heart still pounding hard as I recall*

"Are you ok?!" was my first question to my nephew after I pressed hard on my brakes.
"Ok." he said.
The best 2-letter word I heard today!

Safely we reached our tentage, after what seemed like hours!
But I am sure we only took a few minutes. *laugh*

I was perspiring like crazy after we reached our destination and those were perspiration of  fear more than from the physical exercise. *laugh*

OMG! I did it!
What an achievement!
*clap clap clap*

And if it was not from the look of trust on my hubby's face, I think I might have ended up holding my nephew's hand and walked that long journey back with my other hand pulling my bike along........

Once again I am reminded that I am so blessed to have a hubby who is always there to push me to greater heights or lengths......
Thank you Dearie!

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