Monday, July 2, 2012

July Offer : Sushi King RM2 for each plate of sushi on the belt!

Its Youth Day!
And we thought it would be great to celebrate this day in Johor Bahru (JB), Malaysia.

After the unexpected 1+ hour jam at the causeway (unexpected because we ALWAYS travel to JB on weekdays and it usually takes us less than 10mins to get from Singapore Checkpoint to JB Singapore), due to the renovation work at JB checkpoint, everyone was famished!

It was already 2pm when we reached Pelangi Plaza. *faint*
We were EXTREMELY hungry by then!
Hubby and I were thinking, "Which restaurant should we go to whereby we can get to eat the moment we seat! *laugh* Because we do not want to spend time waiting for the food to be cooked."

And my younger son gave the best suggestion for the day, "Eat Sushi!"

Ohhhhhhhh yes!
A place whereby we do not need to wait for the food, but the food wait for us! *laugh*

The Sushi King staff told us about the special July promotion for members and that we need to become members first, otherwise we could not enter! *double faint*

Our tummies were really growling and my brain does not have much energy to analyse, so I just went ahead and paid RM10 to become a member.

Plates of different colours were on the Kaiten belt. So the selection was good. It was a great chance for us to grab those sushi which were usually more pricey before this RM2 promotion.

Great place to cure EXTREME hunger FAST, and this promotion simply makes it even better! *thumbs up*

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