Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Unwelcomed Visitors are Growing in Size....

There are always 'unwelcomed visitors' in this temporary home of ours.
I remembered having to fight a lizard in the wee hours on our first day here, then cockroach on the fourth day and there after it was flying insects of all sorts.

No....... don't get me wrong.
I am NOT complaining.
They do not bother me much.
The kids?
They are totally amused by them. Afraid of them, screaming at the top of their voices most of the time, yet always taking a step forward to have a closer look to satisfy their curiosity. Its hilarious watching them interact with the 'surprise visitors' here.

Today, the biggest of all unwelcome visitors so far for the past 2+ months of staying here.

Come, meet Miss Moth!

After taking this shot of her, I wanted to show you how big she is, so I reached for a fifty cent coin and placed it beside her.

But when I was putting down the coin beside her, I think I dropped it too loudly and it frightened the hell out of her!!!!
To her horror and mine and the kids, whose hearts nearly came out of their mouths, she started to flutter madly around when my fingers were less than 5 cm away from her!!!!





Then She Play Dead!


Me: "I think I gave her a heart attack."

Kids: "She fainted!!!!" *giggle*

It was a perfect chance for me to place the fifty cent coin again and take a quick shot before she decides to stop acting dead. *laugh*

 She was TRULY in a GREAT ACTRESS : she continued to lie there motionlessly for a long while, even after the photo shoot. *giggle*

So much so that my elder son got fooled by her act and thought she was really dead!
Thus, confidently he came down from the long standing on the sofa.
And THAT thunderous thud made by my son's foot resurrected her!!! 
Can you imagine how loud he screamed?!!! *SUPER HUGE LAUGH*

I think if his bladder was full, he would probably have peed in his pants! *huge laugh*

This time she fluttered her wings madly once again, but headed towards the right direction, the windows. *smile*

Bye Miss Moth, thank you for the entertainment you gave my boys.....

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