Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Grasshopper Story ~ Did I do the right thing?

Come to think of it...I think I did not do the right thing afterall.... *sigh*

A 'big' visitor came last week.

Unlike the lizard, which helps to eat the irritating mosquitoes, nor like the ugly cockroach, which does nothing but gives us the goosebumps, this green visitor does none of the above.

Grasshopper does not harm us, nor does it help us.
So I chose to leave it alone, thinking that it would hop away somehow when it decides to end its resort stay.

Days passed and it remained in the house...
but grew weaker with each passing hour...
It became so weak,
it could not hold itself on the wall any longer (photo above was taken when it was in the wall of the bathroom),
it started to move along on the floor.

I wonder if it had fallen due to weak legs..... hmmm...

I could not sleep that night and after moving about on the bed for some time, I decided to bring it out of the house and leave it on some leaves.

When I tried to move it to sit on the dustpan, only then did I realise that it was dying. It was so weak, it could hardly fight back. *heartpain*

Slowly, taking extra caution not to end its life earlier than it should, I finally managed to 'help' it sit on the dustpan and I gave it a helicopter ride to the land of greens.

It could not even stand properly when I laid him down on a curved leaf. *heartpain again*

Oh no!
Why did I choose to wait so long?
It did not come here for a resort staycation, it was lost!

I should have brought it out of the four walls the very day it arrived.

The next day, Allan tried to spot it at the place where we last left it.
He was no where to be found.
I hoped he had his fill and hopped away and not.....became the breakfast for some birds....because with its condition, there was no way it could have fought back.....


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