Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The 50 - 50 - 90 Rule

"Whenever you have a 50-50 chance of getting something right, 90% of the time you are going to get it wrong."

It's like the toss of a coin. There are 2 sides, head and tail. So 50% it would land on the head and 50% chance it would land on the tail. If I guess it would land on the head, 90% of the chance it would land on the tail.

So why does it seem that 90% of the time our guess or judgement is wrong?.

It's actually more of a psychological issue. Though I guessed the coin will land on the head, in my heart, more energy is going towards "Please Don't land on the tail." Its the Law of Attraction. Because more energy is focused on 'the tail', even though there is a 'Don't' in that sentence, the subject is still 'the tail'. Hence 90% it would land on the tail.

It is just like why do we remember the negative events more than the good. Well, that is how our human brain works. We are always cautious. We feared to be hurt or be in pain more than the thought of being happy. In simpler words, human have more negativity than positivity in the brain.

We always think of the negatives 'What If', more than the positive 'What If', so that we can take precaution and to avoid from being upset, or simply to escape from the situation.

For example, you have slipped and fell on a slippery floor in the past. So now, whenever you see a wet floor, you would walk with care on purpose, even if you were already wearing your non-slip rubber boots. That is human. Always protecting himself or herself from harm.

This is because recognizing and remembering the results of negative events, in time to come, save our lives and help us to plan for future similar situations.

The benefits of such thinking do make sense because it is logical that one's attention is focused on potentially threatening information that the brain receives from what the eyes see, ears hear and skin feel.

Which is also why Robert Kiyosaki talks about the 90 - 10 rule. 10% of the world population serves 90% of the world population. Because of this protective nature of the human brain, many are afraid of failures and thus refused to step out of their comfort zones to achieve what their full potential is capable of achieving.

Oh well, I only have one conclusion: Humans are complicated creatures. *wink*

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this is a nice read. so true