Saturday, August 27, 2011

My First Attempt baking Chicken Pie - Failed!

I followed the recipe from here, but I did a twist to it and it ended up in my rubbish bin.

I am totally in love with Oven Marvel's chicken pie. I think I did more than a blog post on it. Well, this has become a family affair. My younger son is crazy over Oven Marvel's chicken pie too!

I do not like the example shown in the video. I prefer to have pastry wrapping the filling completely instead of baking it in a dish with just the crust on top. So I followed every step, except for the wrapping of the pastry part.

Allan was smart, he suggested that I should not put everything into my oven on first attempt baking Chicken Pie.
So I put in two.
The top was so crispy! Oooooooohhhhhhh yum!
Just like the one served in Oven Marvel.
But the bottom was hard!

Filling was nice!
So the only battle I had was with the pastry.

I bought those ready made pastry dough and on the packaging it said baking heat is 230 degrees Celsius, which is different from the baking heat of 180 degrees Celsius suggested in the video.

Alright, since my first attempt baking Chicken Pie failed, I warmed the oven to 230 degrees Celsius and put in my second batch. This time, feeling more confident, I put in 3 pieces.
The colour was WEIRD!
It was pokka-dotted golden brown!

The crust was so hard!
Top and Bottom!
The pastry was so tough, we had difficulty cutting through it with a butter knife!
This is definitely more difficult than I thought!
This is worse than my first attempt!
At least upon my first attempt baking the Chicken pie, the top crust was perfect!
Ooohh la lah.
Yet upon second attempt, top and bottom crust failed!


Feeling a little lost and with a little dough left, which was not even enough to make one complete Chicken Pie. Allan thought of thinning it and wrapping it up like a present instead.
Hopefully it would crust after thinning.
Here's the outcome of the third attempt on baking the Chicken Pie:
It looks really good, yes?

NO! It was the WORST of three attempts!

The pastry was so hard, we had to use two utensils to PULL THEM APART!
*Super Faint*

Am I going to give up?
But I will need to do MORE research, or else I would end up throwing away a whole packet of dough again.

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