Wednesday, November 7, 2012

MUST Eat Tonic Today!

I do not think it is based on the English Calendar.
My guess is its based on the Lunar Calendar.
A friend of 11 years called me up this morning and started rattling on,
"MUST Eat Tonic Today! To us, Fu-Jian people, today补日is the day whereby you eat tonic for one day, you improve/nourishyour health for the whole year!"

She took a breath and continued,
"Your health have not been good. You MUST eat tonic today to build it up. If you are lazy to brew some tonic, go to those hawker centre or foodcourt that sells tonic soup, buy one big bowl to drink. If you want to improve your skin complexion and look prettier, then drink bird nest."

Took another breath and went on,
"Aiya, I tell you what, drink tonic for lunch and drink bird nest before you sleep tonight, ok? Don't forget about your hubby and the kids too."

Our age gap is about 10 years and over these 11 years of knowing her, she has became a very close friend of mine, infact a great friend to my whole family, 'cos she is also our hairstylist. From working as a hairstylist beside our bubble tea shop 11years ago to now a boss of her own at home, she is the one who saw how we rose and fall badly and now rise again; and that includes our health too.

Though scientifically, this is definitely an absurd presumption, ('cos how can the tonic you eat today stay Good in your body for the next 365 days? If its leap year, then it would be 366 days!?) it still warmed my heart that she made this call.

What a great way to start my day today, knowing that I have a friend who truly cares about my health and my family's too.

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