Friday, November 9, 2012

Progress of New House - Update 5

Ooooohhh, this week's progress is SsssssLlllllOooooooWwwwww......

Its like woman putting on her make-up.
Before the colours are up, first there is cleansing,
then the moisturizing,
followed by the foundation primer,
then if there is any 'scar', concealers are needed before
the loose powder can be applied.

Oh yes, it did remind me of the process of putting on make-up.
A thin layer after another thin layer before the surface is smooth and even.

As you look through the photos, some of you might be thinking "huh? only like that for the pass 6 days??"
Errrrrr.... YES!

We saw this old uncle at work and only him for the pass 6 days.
Though old, he is very skillful.
He had to apply the first layer, wait for it to dry before he can apply the second layer and with the rainy season here, it was difficult for the layers to dry fast. *sigh*
So lots of patience are involved.
慢工出细货 indeed!

2nd November 2012
A day that makes us REALLY happy!
We are glad that we visit our new house twice a day, or else we would not be able to meet the BIG BOSS in-charge of laying of our tiles.

My hubby is EXTREMELY particular about the distance between each tile and whether are they laid evenly. With him being a property agent for more than 5 years, he had seen some bad workmanship and some good ones when it comes to tiling. So you can imagine hubby hanging on to him like a leech with one question after next. *laugh*

The 'Big Boss' also took this opportunity to confirm several things with us. It was so cool to talk to the Big Guy himself because we do not need to worry that there will be miscommunication of any sort. He is here today because he is meeting my renovation contractor.

We HAD NO IDEA that our renovation contractor (the middle man) was meeting up with this tiling 'Big Boss'. When they came and saw us talking to him, they were both surprised and a little uneasy I think.

We understand why because there maybe a chance whereby we would know how much our renovation contractor mark-up from this tiling contractor, or if there is any future tiling work, we might not go to my renovation contractor and would contact this tiling contractor on our own.

Well, we were in business before, marking-up is a NORMAL and HEALTHY practise of any business man, and we are NOT interested to know how much more my renovation contractor earns from doing up my house.

So when they came and started relaying our messages, one instruction after another to the tiling contractor, he just kept repeating this line, "I know already, the owners had already told me just now." Ooops!

Thus they moved on quickly to take measurements and stuff, which I think is good. Speed up the discussion process. *thumbs up*

Alright, so at the end of 2nd November, this was what we saw :~

 The Building Up of our NEW STOREROOM

3rd November 2012

Wires were used to 'hold' the crack, give it some elasticity and hopfully can prevent the crack from surfacing again

No work on All Sundays. So nothing was done on 4th November.
Only the toilets were done on 5th November 2012

6th November 2012 
Yeah! My Storeroom is UP!

 7th November 2012
 Putting on 'Make-Up Foundation' for My Storeroom

8th November 2012
 Nothing was done at all when we went there in the afternoon because some materials ran out. But when we went again in the evening we saw some EXCITING NEW TOOLS!!!

TILES are going to be UP NEXT!
*clap clap clap*

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