Thursday, November 8, 2012

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

--> Ooohhhh....this took way too long to get out of my draft box.
I think its almost two months overdue.

Ever since I saw the robotic vacuum cleaner advert on TV, I was already shouting inside, "I must get one of these!"
However, the price of the super robot held me back for many months till I chanced upon this 'Inova Robotic Vacuum Cleaner' at a shopping mall which I had not visited for years.

This, made in Taiwan product, costs only $189, about $200 lesser than the ones I saw on TV and on those coupon sites; and almost $600 lesser than the branded ones sold in reputable mega malls.
Yes, the brand is not the same and some functions are different or lacking in mine compared to those.
However, my focus is I-Want-To-Try-Out!

I do not care if its made in China or made in some third world country, nor do I care if its a Korean brand, Japanese brand or other ku-cheng-ku-rak brand, I ONLY CARE IF IT WORKS to meet my requirement.

I would not want to spend $700 to try out something or anything for that matter, if it did not meet my requirement.
If it failed to deliver what I want, then it would truly be a waste of money!

However, I think $189 for a try-out seemed ok for me or for us.
Yes, buying any home equipment should be a family thing, not an individual thing.
We often ask each other's opinion and wait for a nod before we buy anything for home.

Months BEFORE purchasing this, I came to know another friend who had already bought one robotic vacuum cleaner (different brand) from one of the coupon sites. Her review was, "Its good. Really clean. However, when it comes to long hair, there is some issue getting into the suction unit."

I remembered what she said and we were thrilled when the shop owner suggested, "Come in, I can do a demonstration for you." I was happy to find long strands of hair in the suction bin after the robotic vacuum cleaner did its trial run. *thumbs up*

There was also another model (same brand) that charges itself automatically whenever the battery is running low, but we were not interested. We wanted to TRY-OUT, so were not willing to pay another $100 more.
Thus without hesitation, we bought this Inova Robotic Vacuum Cleaner for $189 right after the demonstration was over.


Oh my!
1st try and we LOVED IT!!!!

Though it takes 4 hours to make it move for 50mins seemed a little off-balance, but hey, it does what its supposed to do within that time frame and DOES IT REALLY WELL!

Look at the result of our first vacuum :~

By the way, the floor had just be cleaned a couple of days ago only.

It does its trick best at those HARD-TO-REACH places or often neglected areas of the house.
The 'reflex' at the front is so sensitive that a simple touch is all it takes to make it change direction.
NO Scratch on my furnitures or wall skirtings whatsoever!
love Love LOVE!
But what I love best is the NO-FALL-OVER function! *smile*

My in-laws came to visit us at our rented flat a couple of weeks ago and hubby put the 'little bug' to work and the old folks LOVED IT!!!!
My FIL was so funny! He remarked, "Hey, it knocked my feet and didn't say sorry!"
*Huge Laugh*

My MIL told us to buy one for her.
We were more than happy to give the old folks some sort of relief from their housework in their BIG House. They stay in a JUMBO unit, the BIGGEST unit you can find in a HDB flat, other than the Maisonette in Jurong, with their eldest son's family of 5.
Only the two old folks are taking care of the cleanliness of the house, not easy.

You know, how some old folks are not receptive to new things... well, we were very happy when they were willing to give this a go.
We wanted to give them as a present, but FIL insist on paying us back.

Oh well, so long as they are happy......does not really matter who took the trouble and who paid for it I guess....

Now, their "spider", that is the name my FIL gave it, works hard for them on alternate days in their 4 bedrooms, 1 kitchen and HUGE living room. I called it "my FIL's pet" because he WATCHES it as it works, unlike me, I leave it to do its job.
He would lock it in each room for 5 mins each before he allows it to roam around the living room till the battery runs out.
He is having fun alright. *giggle*

He too, remarked that his "spider" cleans better than him.

However, my 3rd niece was not as happy as we are.
She said, "If it can charge for 50mins and move for 4 hours, that would be better."
I replied, "Why don't you invent one? I'll definitely buy from you!"


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