Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Drink Tea

I love to drink tea, but I have never expected a simple Lipton ice tea with milk could get me into this state.

This is the second time it has happened to me. The first time was last year and somehow I choose not to put the blame on that thirst quenching liquid, instead, I pointed my finger at 'stress'.

But after what happened last night, my mind changed....

I have drank all sorts of tea in the evening before, even late at night. The caffeine in the tea did not have any effect on me, the sleeping queen.
But I do not understand why a simple Lipton ice tea with milk in the evening can cause me to have sleepless night.
Yes, this is the second time the brownish liquid had cast the stay-awake-all-night curse on me.

It was 8pm+. I had a cup of simple Lipton ice tea with milk after my dinner.

And that was the beginning of my day! Yes, you are right. I was so awake. My body was beaten from the torture of a hectic Tuesday, which is the busiest day of the week for me; yet my mind was so awake I believe I can crack the nuttiest puzzle!

Went to bed at 1am+.
Forced myself to close my eyes.
Tried to hypnotize myself by visualizing jumping sheep.
3.35am I felt like I had just taken a 12hour nap.

I am doomed!
I was contemplating if I should get up and do something that will tire myself out.
But my eyes were so stressed out and I could feel the veins exploding.
I dropped the idea.

To prevent my light-sleeper partner from waking from my tossing and turning every other few minutes.
I went out with my baby-bolster and slept on my couch.

I saw the change from a dark living room to a brightly lit house.
I am still so awake!
But my body knocked out long before dawn!

I believe I did doze off for 5-10mins every now and then, but was woken real soon by my active mind again.
Thank goodness my hubby is free today to do all the fetching to and fro from schools.

So when did I REALLY knock out?
A short 3 hour nap.

Woke up at 5pm.
Was it enough?
Of cos NOT for the sleeping queen!
In the end, I woke up with a terrible headache, an extremely sensitive nose that kept going Ahhhh-choooo and a really edgy attitude.

In short, I am a Hedgehog now!


This will be the LAST time I drink tea, no, not any tea, but Lipton ice tea with milk after sunset! Period!

1 comment:

Ann said...

I love tea too! :)

But I love sleep more.

I only drink in the morning and maybe one more in the afternoon. Don't dare to drink any later than that!