Monday, April 18, 2011

How To Slim Down While Lying Down?

Many years ago, my sis showed me a Japanese video which showed how to slim down your thighs and waist while lying down.
It worked for me.
But when I try to find that video again, I could not and my sis cannot remember either.
It was a pity.
Whenever I know of something good and works and yet I could not share with others, I feel lousy inside.
Hhhmmm.... That's me.

Anyway it worked something like that:
Whenever I lie down with my boys to accompany them to bed. I would put my legs side by side, straightened, with the big toes really close to each other. In the video, it was suggested that a rubber band should be used to tie the two big toes together.

Soon, you will feel the strain on your calf and your thigh.
Maybe a minute later or so, you will feel your lower tummy muscle contracting.

Throughout the 10mins exercise, your breathing should be normal, even though there will be some moments you really wish to hold your breath because your muscles are feeling the strain.

Just 10mins every night, 1 week later, I saw smaller thighs and smaller waist. Well, it worked for me, not sure if the magic will work for you. I love it because its killing three birds with one stone. I get to be with my kids before they enter dreamland, I could rest my aching back after a long day and I can slim down! *muack*

BUT RECENTLY I FOUND ANOTHER VIDEO, which also teaches you how to slim down while lying down AND at the same time kill your insomia.... (to be continued)

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