Saturday, April 16, 2011

Movie Event Of The Year : Michael Jackson's This Is It

I love MJ since young. Since I knew his songs, I loved him.
And tomorrow night, 17th April 2011, nothing is going get me off my sofa between 7.15pm to 9.30pm.
Singapore MediaCorp Channel 5 will be showing Movie Event Of The Year: Michael Jackson's This Is It.

And because we have met this week with my in-laws yesterday already, so Sunday we will not be going over again. Whoo-Hoo! My eyes will be glued on the TV with no or little disturbance, since my whole family are MJ fans.... *smile*

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WaveSurfer said...

Thanks for sharing about the timing. I've seen the trailer on TV but as we don't watch TV often, I didn't really know the exact timing it will be shown.

I'm a MJ fan too and I've actually watched This Is It in the theatre the first few days it was released. Very unfortunate that the concert didn't materialise, else it would really be a great comeback for Michael.

Have just bought a game on him (MJ The Experience for Xbox360's Kinect) but haven't gotten time to play much yet. ^^|