Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Discounts at NTUC FoodFare

Some of you may know and some might not.
Hence posting for the sake of the latter.

NTUC FoodFare outlest are giving discounts to every Singaporean, regardless if you are a NTUC member or not.

It was on the News before its launch date: 1st April.  Its definitely not an April Fools Day joke but a nice way to please non-NTUC members.

As for normal NTUC members, you can simply flash your NTUC card, as usual, to enjoy the same discount at any foodstall for a designated discounted food item.

Here's how its done for the NON-NTUC members:
 Simply visit any NTUC FoodFare outlets listed below....

Find the machine that provides you with the discount coupon and do the following steps:

In my opinion, the downside of this offer is the restriction on the food you can buy. Every stall chooses only one item to be part of this promotion. So if your taste buds tell you otherwise, then you would need to pay the full price for the food of your choice.

Well, for that few cents discounts and with such restrictions, many discarded their coupons after ordering. How did I know? Well, I was in the queue. *wink*

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