Thursday, May 19, 2011

Happy 11th Anniversary, Dearie!

As Apple celebrates its 10th Anniversary today, Allan and I celebrate our 11th Wedding Anniversary. *Smile*

Ever since I started blogging, I would always blog about how blessed I am to be Allan's wife. About how little we quarrel and about how often we spend our time in laughter.

Looking through the photos, I remembered how we were sabotaged.

  1. Allan had to scoop up 3 'something which I can't remember', one at a time, from that bowl of tea. Transfered to me through mouth and I had to spit it out on another empty bowl.
  2. Next, the 'sabotaging team' told me to roll a raw egg, from the left side of Allan's pants, to the right side of the pants. By the way, the egg is IN the pants! The cloth was so slippery, I was so close to loosing grip of it so many times. *nervous* Well, 'the naughty team' were cheering as the egg reached the 'peak' of the pants... *eyes rolled* (This had my MIL fuming!!! I remembered hearing her scolding the leader of the team)
  3. Then we had to drink this big glass of hard liquor. A teeny weeny bit of liquor or even wine will cause Allan to feel really uncomfortable to the extend of breathing discomfort. Since everyone was in such a high spirit, he did not want to be the spoilsport and so he had one mouthful of that and I SLURPED the rest of the liquor in the cup empty. *wink* I remembered drinking lots of liquor that wedding night as more friends sabotaged me (alone), after witnessing the my liquor 'endurance'. *giggle* Well, I have to thank my grandpa for this though. *wink*

Looking at the photos at such wee hours (2.30am) brought smiles as well as tears to my eyes.

I remembered the guests who came.
Some couples got married.
Others have kids to play with now.
there are so many who have separated,
who have divorced,
who have gone through counselling for depression due to failed relationships.

Is relationship that difficult to maintain?
I can sense many nods.
But I choose to differ.

We were approached by the owner of the noodle stall which we patronise often, approached us just two days ago. She asked, "Does the two of you EVER quarrel?! You two are always chatting and laughing with each other."

I admit that I still feel very much in love with Allan. Seriously, it does not feel like 13 years at all! We are still learning new things about each other. New talents. New aspirations. Its like falling in love again every time.

Like all couples, we do have our differences too, but we used these differences to complement each other and not to condemn each other.

My heart is in a swirl now as I looked at these photos.
This year, I want to take this opportunity to remind all couples that relationship does not stop after marriage, or after your child(ren) is(are) born.

The strength of your relationship depends on how much the two of you Grow Together as a couple. In terms of Personality, Thoughts, Mannerism and Aspiration.

Dearie, cheers to our 13 years of love and many more years to come. 

Happy 11th Anniversary, Dearie! *muack*

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