Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Seafood in Johor Bahru

Although we had a disappointing Wedding Anniversary Lunch at Friends Restaurant @Jelita, the celebration was well compensated by our sumptuous Seafood Dinner at Johor Bahru.

First time driving in on our own without anyone guiding us and able to get home safely after being lost for more than 2 hours, is simply fascinating! The sense of satisfaction we felt is beyond words can describe.
Read about our Adventure in my parenting blog under the blog post "Anniventure"

We are so determined to go back again and we believe, this time we have finally figured out the right way there and will not get lost again, but yet to be tested. So once the route-in-our-heads has been proven, I will share the route with all of you. *smile*

After parking the car on the sand-cum-stone open space, we were greeted by a tree with beautiful flashing lights and lovely night view of the sea.

Picture of the eating area was taken while we were walking across the long wooden bridge towards the restaurant.
Picture of the tree was taken from our seats. The row of orange-y lights is a reflection of the wooden bridge which separated the parking space and the restaurant.

We could see the 'very vacant' competing restaurant from our seats.

If you are hoping to get food standard like what Jumbo Seafood restaurant serves, then you would be disappointed with Restoran Todak. In my opinion, the food is tasty but not super shiok, except for the Black Pepper Crab. We intend to try their Chilli Crab on our next visit.

Ordering the fish was hilarious. 
The nice waitress in her early 40s were telling us all types of fish available. 
Then she asked, "Do you want fish reared by us or from the sea."
We gave her the 'blank' face.
Then she continued to explain that there are different categories of fish-from-the-sea.
We gave her 'blank' face again!

In the end, we simply said, "Deep fry the shi-ban without any spice or chili, because the fish is meant for the kids."
She smiled and jot down without hesitation.
Deep Fried Fish in soya sauce.

Cereal Prawn
Mayonnaise YouTiao
Black Pepper Crab

I love the Prices more than anything else. But it has been said that they would raise the price during Weekends. Luckily, our Wedding Anniversary this year fell on a Weekday.

We were very lucky to be seating right next to the mini washing basin. The kids find it amusing that the 'dirty' water from their hands goes straight down to the sea.

When we were there, it was still low tide. We could see the sand or sea bed very very clearly. In fact, you could walk on it (if you dare).

While we enjoyed our dinner, we witnessed the disappearance of the seabed. By the end of our meal, the sea bed was totally buried under water. It was easily 1 to 2 meters deep. Our 'Kelong Seafood' restaurant sits on a wooden platform, which is about 3 to 4 meters from the sea bed.

Our first visit cost us approximately SGD$50+ for the food and drinks.

Restoran Todak, we will be back real soon! Cheers!


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