Saturday, May 28, 2011

My Happy Purchases ~ At Philips Carnival Sale

Going for the Philips Carnival Sale for the very first time. As if the heavens heard my wish of starting my baking hobby, the pamphlet was in my letterbox after failing to find a mixer of my choice (both price and features), after shopping the whole day.

There are only 3 words to describe the Philips Carnival Sale:
  1. Hot (both weather and discounts)
  2. Fast (transaction was really smooth for such a huge crowd)
  3. Organised (every staff knows what they need to do and it does not take long before your questions are answered)
So what did I buy?
  • A 'mouse' $10.00 (usual price $40.00)
  • A Pair of Light Bulbs at $16.00 (usual price $14.70 each)
  • My Dream mixer at $55 (usual price $75.00)

    *Huge Grin*

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