Thursday, May 12, 2011

My Happy Purchases ~ Pinky Rings and Cute T-shirts

I love to wear rings, but ever since I became a Mommy, rings on my fingers do get in the way when I handle my delicate babies.

Since then, the habit of wearing rings have slowly died.
Now I am left with my wedding ring and my pinky rings.

Because of my small finger size, to find pinky rings is like a climb up Mount Everest. The only time I could find one that reasonably fit without sliding out easily, was my jade ring, which I found in China many many years back when I was still in my retail business.

I was so happy to find a ring that FINALLY (reasonably) fit my pinky finger that I bought 13pieces of them at one go! In case one is lost or broken. *laugh* Now I am left with 5! See how 'rough' a person I am?!

This trip to City Square I bought myself 3 pieces of RM$10 each (approx. S$4.00) CUTIE T-shirts and two 925 silver pinky rings at RM$8 each (approx. S$3.00).

From the many trays of rings on display, I managed to find 2 pieces only! See how tough it is to get a size that truly fits my pinky?! I intended to buy more, but they had only 2 that fits! *laugh*

Because it was so narrow and slim, I decided to wear both at the same time to give it more 'meat'.
My phone camera sucks, so I could not capture the floral carvings on the rings. Its beautiful!
The angles make the rings sparkle under any light. *Muack*
Love it to the Core!

Not forgetting my 3 new cutie T-shirts that are sooooooooooo value for money! *wink*

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