Thursday, March 26, 2009

Adam Lambert is what American Idol is all about!

When Adam appeared on my TV screen just now, I GASPED!!
He was dashingly handsomely cool!!!!!
I thought I saw Elvis Presley!!! *laugh*

And when he showed his softer side with "The Tracks of My Tears", I was completely head over heels!!!!

From the moment he appeared till he went off the screen, I felt like I had held my breath throughout those minutes. Ok, I may have over-reacted, but you have to agree that HE IS THE EXCITEMENT OF AMERICAN IDOL SEASON 8.

I love him sooooo much tonight, I must have him on my blog! *laugh* Enjoy!


Angela said...

he is the best! he should be the american idol!

Ann said...

Hai...I missed it!!! BOYBOY wanted to sleep and wanted ME to put him to sleep! Sigh Sigh Sigh

Have to wait till Fox allows it on youtube again!

Angeline said...


Damn!!! It was playing fine when I loaded it up! Hmmmm....

suhanya said...

i too saw it.. he was good..but jus read on Yahoo that he is voted out:(

Lapa37 said...

I think he did an ok job on that song.I am not a fan of his however. I like Danny and Chris