Monday, March 30, 2009

You Must Die!!! Cassanova!

Your favourite time of the year is here
When there is plenty of sun and rain

You will never fail to visit
To show your affection again
That has never quite ended anywhere near
"Happily Ever After"

For so many years
I did what I could
To prevent your admission
But you have grown cleverer
You penetrated through all my walls of prevention

You come and go
Like a Casanova would
But never did you expect
I wish you were dead

For nights you came to me
Like a clingy ghost I never wish to see
For days you zoom pass me
The annoyance I wish could cease

For 3 days
You left 13 marks on my right
8 on my left

I swept you away
But you didn't get the hint
I hit you hard
And you thought I was playing

I had enough of your nonsense
I laid a trap
And you fell for it

Innocently you came
I closed the door behind for privacy
You couldn't wait
And kissed me deeply thrice

I was ready to return you your WELL DESERVED TREAT

You didn't like my plan
You ran away from me
You tried at every corner of my bathroom

Your memory failed you
I had locked the door behind me
You were doped by your desire for me
You didn't even notice that the windows were shut too
There was no escape this time

You died under my Yi-Zhi-Shen-Gong
The ever famous One-Finger-Power Kung Fu from Shaolin

The revengeful soul
The undying spirit
I knew you would send your father
To avenge your death

He was angry
He was smarter
He could read my mind better
No trap could lure him

The experienced one was out to get me
But the old man's luck ran out
Plunged 5 attacks on me
And that was all he has got

For the next moment he was buried in my blood just like you were.

Rest in Peace
You father and son
But I know the battle has just begun

With supernatural powers
You will inform your family
Your relatives
Your friends
To avenge for your deaths

I just saw one flew across my monitor
As I type this long tribute to you two
The game is on
I'm ready

I will fight
And slap everyone whom you send
to end in your same plight


Tina said...

yuk. those pic made me feel sick ha ha!

Something About Us said...

oh dear, they have sucked so much blood from you !!

Ann said...

LOL !!! Good for you! Declare war man!

4malmal said...

hahaha this is SOOOO FUNNY!!! love it! hahahaha

Sandra Carvalho said...

We're about to get many of those over here!When the weather starts getting warmer they start to appear...The most deadly animal in the world: the mosquito!

J@n!ce said...

Very interesting post !! Kill them ALL. Good job :):)

Woman in a Window said...

You cheeky thing! This was fun. Do you guys have West Nile Virus over there to worry about too? I hate mosquitos!