Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Phantom of the Opera


I have seen the musical when I was 15.

Being poor, I could never afford the tickets. My wish came true back then when a church member gave me a free ticket to the fantastic performance. I will never forget her name - Karen. *smile* Thank you once again, if I hadn't said enough then.

But when the movie came on years ago, I didn't manage to catch it.

Yesterday it was on my television screen! *clap clap clap* Better late than never.

Yes, it was nice and a little comical in the beginning but as compared to seeing the musical, nah.... miles apart.....

Still it was the masterpieces of Andrew Lloyd Webber that touched my heart. Songs that you just won't get sick of, ooops I mean 'I' won't get sick of.

The Music of the Night
The Phantom of the Opera
Angel of Music
Think of Me
Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again
All I Ask of You
The Point of No Return

These are playing on my Media Player right now as I type this post.... Love them!

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Ann said...

Yeah....I so love them too!Wish I was in Singapore sometimes coz all the good theatre productions converge there! :)